June Update

25 June 2021 – Colchester – Quoox‘s June 2021 update brings a combination of patches; enhancements; a new dashboard widget; and an expanded support process.

During the last few months, Quoox has been working on a number of exciting new areas and these will be announced in due course.  This release is a routine update release bringing some smaller amendments and improvements to the product which we felt would benefit our customers to release separately.

Release schedule
Quoox Portal: Roll-out commences 27 June 2021
iOS App: Not applicable
Android App: Not applicable
Marketing Appointments Dashboard Widget

Following requests from several customers, we have added a new marketing appointments dashboard widget.  This widget will be useful to those who schedule appointments using the Quoox Marketing sessions, and shows forthcoming sessions (with a today, 3 day, 7 day, and forever filter).

Customers who do not use the marketing session can either close or re-position the widget to elsewhere on the dashboard.

Member Activities List Amendments

The activities list on the member record has been extended to include further information relating to when a member cancels a session.

The listing will now show when a member cancels late, and also confirms when a credit/payment has been refunded.

Quoox Support Process Enhancements

The Quoox support process has been extended with the administration portal to provide extra guidance and links to different functions.

As a first step, customers should reference the knowledge base as this often provides answers to typical “how to” questions.

If the knowledge base does not yield the answer, raising a ticket with the helpdesk team is the usual next step.  Additional information relating to helpdesk operational hours and processes has been added, to help set context for expected response times.  Quoox always aims to respond within 1 working day, and most tickets are responded to within an hour of being raised.

For matters that require a more “in-depth dive” with an account manager, it is now possible to book a slot with your account manager directly through Quoox.  The system will show available times, and customers may book a slot directly.  When booking you will be asked to provide information regarding the nature of the call, so that your account manager may prepare accordingly.

Quoox Customer Alert Functions

A new administration feature has been added to enable us to more effectively communicate urgent messages with our customers.  These may be messages relating to system availability, updates etc.

System messages will be displayed on the top of the dashboard and, if appropriate, corresponding actions/links will be provided.

Quoox Contact Log

Starting from 1st July 2021, we will start to make available to our customers the log of their inbound and outbound communications with the Quoox team.  These will be separate to support tickets, which may be viewed separately in the support tickets area.

This log is intended to help customers see when their email or message has been received, and will include a record of when responses were provided.  This will also highlight missed calls etc., should your account manager try to reach you and be unable.

We are providing this data for transparency and part of our quality assurance program.  Minor or inconsequential messages (such as the reply “thank you”) will not be logged.

Bug fixes and patches

As always, this release includes a few minor bug fixes and patches.  The only bug fix of note is to remedy a timezone issue that was occurring for some customers in the scheduled broadcasts area, and message times were seemingly shifting by a number of hours.  This was a display issue only, and has been fixed.

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