July Update

14 July 2021 – Colchester – Quoox today announced their latest updates to their gym management solution, to be released starting Sunday 18th July.

The update includes the previously advertised revision to the Direct Debit processing flow, along with three new features in FitnessHub. The update also includes routine patches and bug fixes.

Release schedule
Quoox Portal: Roll-out commences 18 July 2021.
FitnessHub: Roll-out commences 18 July 2021.
iOS App: Not applicable.
Android App: Not applicable.
Direct Debit Process Flow

As previously advised on 5th July, this release includes some timing and process changes to the Debit Debit flow for membership payments.

In summary:

  1. Quoox will cease sending pre-advisement emails of Direct Debit charges, but these instead will continue to be handled directly by GoCardless to ensure legal compliance with the Direct Debit scheme rules.
  2. We shall initiate the charge against a Direct Debit 3 days earlier than we have until this point. Until now, the payment date on the membership has been the date that the payment process is initiated.  However, as the Direct Debit process is a minimum of 3 days in duration, this has caused some customers confusion.  Thus, by us moving the charge date 3 days sooner, it increases the likelihood that the charge to the member will occur on the membership payment date. It is important to note that this date will still be effected by bank holidays and weekends.

For full details of this change, please read the original advisement.

Attendee Listing in FitnessHub

Whereas the Quoox portal has been designed to work on tablets and computers, it is too complex to be workable on a mobile phone screen. FitnessHub has been designed to work on all devices, including mobile phones.

We have had a number of customers request a method via which they can quickly & easily view their forthcoming attendees for a given session from a mobile phone.

As part of this release, employees and managers will now have access to a new function in FitnessHub.  This function is only available when logged into FitnessHub, as the system needs to be able to validate that you are an employee/manager.

Employees/managers may now click on the attendee count (E.g. 3/10) on both the schedule listing and the schedule detail page. This will display an attendee listing page, which will show the member’s names and photos along with key information, such as whether they have a recorded injury etc.  Further information or actions pertaining to these members should be taken through the full Quoox portal on a tablet or computer.

Ability for members to log Weigh-Ins

Up until this point the ability to record weigh-in’s has been deliberately restricted to facility personnel, so as to maintain the integrity of the data.

Following multiple requests by customers, we have now added the optional function for facilities to enable members to upload their own weigh-in data via FitnessHub.

Within the “Documents and uploads” section of the main Settings page in the Quoox portal, the “Members may add weigh-ins” option may be used to set whether members are permitted to add their own weigh-in data.

Within both FitnessHub and the Quoox portal, data that has been provided by the member is clearly marked with a icon.

Members are able to delete entries that they have added themselves, but they cannot edit or delete any entries added by the facility (or via FitBit; Myzone; InBody; etc.)

Ability for members to log Achievements

As with weigh-in’s, until this point the ability to add achievements (“personal bests”) was restricted to facility personnel.  For the same reason, this was to preserve data integrity.

With this release, and in alignment with the changes to weigh-in’s, facilities may now optionally permit members to add their own achievements.

Within the “Documents and uploads” section of the main Settings page in the Quoox portal, the “Members may add achievements” option may be used to set whether members are permitted to add their own achievement data.

Within both FitnessHub and the Quoox portal, data that has been provided by the member is clearly marked with a  icon.

Members are able to delete any entries that they have added themselves.

Note: In the member portal, the data is provided as a list of “Personal Bests”. Therefore, if the member records an achievement that is less than their current PB, this will not display.  Only the highest achievements display within each category.

Booking History

A new area “Booking History” has been added to the “My Account” menu on FitnessHub.

By accessing the “Booking History”, members can review their historical bookings for the past 12-months.  This includes their attendance status and, in the event of a cancellation, indicates if it was a late cancellation (I.e., the credit/payment was not eligible for refund).

Sessions where the member remained on the wait list and did not attend the session are excluded from the listing.

Patches & bug fixes

As with all of our releases, this update includes some minor patches and bug fixes. There are no fixes sufficiently noteworthy for specific mention in this release, and all changes are minor cosmetic adjustments.

Quoox mobile app

The above FitnessHub enhancements will be added to the Quoox mobile app in due course.

We are presently working on a major update to our app, which we anticipate being available later this year.  It is our intention to also offer this new version as a customisable version, for which the app name; logo; and certain styling elements will be customised for the given customer.

Customers will be able to continue to use the Quoox app as part of their current subscription, or optionally subscribe to the additional custom app (a monthly fee and minimum subscription period will apply).

Further information will be provided about this in due course, once we have a definitive release date.

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