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29 July 2021 – Quoox prides itself on delivering facilities an effective way to provide the finest wellness services to their members through one, consolidated solution.

Continuing in this vein, this minor new function further builds on the unified communications provided through the Quoox platform.

Release schedule
Quoox Portal: Roll-out commences 1 August 2021.
FitnessHub: Not applicable.
iOS App: Not applicable.
Android App: Not applicable.
Routing voice calls made to your Quoox SMS number

As our customers will be familiar, every Quoox account has a unique SMS text number associated with it.  It is from this number that members receive text messages sent to them by the facility, and to which they can send SMS messages which are then handled via the Quoox Message Centre.

Up until this point, this was a “text-only number” and voice calls received a “number unavailable” tone or message.

This release of Quoox adds a simple new configuration option to the main Settings page that allows facilities to provide a phone number to which incoming voice calls made to the Quoox SMS number are routed.

When calls are made to the facility’s Quoox SMS number, the call is simply forwarded to the number configured.  This method of routing ensures that the destination phone system retains all of the functions it provides (E.g., voicemail; multi-line; call waiting etc.)

Whilst our telephony service provider (Twilio) attributes a per minute charge to calls routed in this manner, Quoox will absorb this charge as part of existing subscription fees.  This is subject to a “fair usage” basis.

This function will rollout from 1st August 2021, and changes made to the routing configuration take effect almost immediately.

Ireland Customers: Regrettably this function is not available for Irish SMS numbers starting +353, as call forwarding in this manner is not supported/permitted in Ireland.

Patches & bug fixes

As with all of our releases, this update includes some minor patches and bug fixes. Amongst the fixes within this release are a correction to the date/time display within the “New Members” dashboard widget, which wasn’t always showing the correct sign-up time for some customers.

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