Secure Customer Authentication Update

As all Quoox customers will be aware, Secure Customer Authentication (SCA) brings about important changes to credit/debit card processing for companies in Europe including the UK.  The rules were slated to originally take effect in September 2019, but were delayed due to implementation problems.

If you are not familiar with the SCA principals or how the relate to Quoox, please read this previous article which explains in detail. A further update was provided here.

Timings Update

Stripe, the company through which Quoox processes Debit & Credit card payments, has revised their information on the rollout of SCA.  The source page may be found here.  A summary of the revised timings is:

The most notable recent and future SCA enforcement milestones are:

  • IE – enforcement commenced late June 2021
  • UK – gradual enforcement SCA on 1 June 2021
  • UK – full enforcement of SCA on 14 March 2022

From our experience of the rollout in Ireland, a small percentage of customers were asked to provide validation information when their membership payment was processed.  Quoox handled this as per the documented method and the members were emailed a link to provide their secure authentication token.

It is our understanding those who had this requested of them, and once they did, have not been asked since.  This is promising news.

The Quoox process worked as designed, and in alignment with the rules.

UK rollout has started gradually, and we have had a couple of clients report that they have had to add additional authentication tokens when adding the member’s payment cards.  This will increase over the coming months.

By March 2022 all UK transactions are expected to be covered by SCA, which is scheduled to be fully in force by this point.

As nobody knows what the full impact will be, and how much inconvenience it will cause, we do recommend UK clients consider increasing their usage of Direct Debits. These are not subject to SCA, and have the added benefit of having a lower cost than credit card processing.

Keeping you up-to-date

We will continue to advise as and when we get further news. All Quoox customers have Stripe accounts and are direct customers of Stripe themselves.  Stripe and their update page should always be considered as the most reliable source of the latest data, as they are directly involved with the implementation of the process.

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