Processes and systems for your gym

Our happy customers say it best…

– I can’t recommend the guys at Quoox enough for the help and the support that they’ve shown me over the last few weeks in helping me get the software up and running for myself, for my coaches, and also for my members.

– When we came across the Quoox system, we started to realise really early on how simple that this process was going to be. And it was quite remarkable on how fast we were able to actually transition from one system to the other. It was actually one of the most surprising things about transitioning that made it so much easier, and we were able to not only transition, but also be able to implement services that right off-the-bat, within the first 30 days, that we haven’t been able to offer to our customers in the past at all.

– So the setup process at the start, I was really nervous, like I said, I am “pen & paper”, and very old-fashioned. The thought of having an app and me having to be on a laptop, it gave me nightmares, Ollie, who’s did my onboarding, was absolutely fantastic. Really settled me down, took the time. I can’t believe the amount of time they’ve actually took with me.

– The onboarding process was probably one of the easiest things we’ve done. We were kept up to speed with what was needed from us, so we could plan for it. When we did our initial onboarding, it was so easy. We left that original meeting and we knew that we’d made the right decision.

– So we actually literally had to go out and say, we’re cancelling you on this system. When you come into the gym, you need to fill out this transfer form, and we’ll put you onto the new system. So we actually did cancel everybody’s payments and bring them in, but obviously we gave the incentive, which was the minute you’ve done that, you’ll get access to our brand new app. And we set ourselves a goal of getting everybody moved over within two weeks. We managed it.

– My favourite function of the app, is probably the sort of lead generation side of it and being able to have the plug-and-play landing pages in place is just phenomenal.

– You can tell it’s been set up by people that know the business inside out, and that’s what appealed to me. Ben obviously runs a gym and every single system built into Quoox him and Chris have got bang on. You can just tell it’s been built by gym people, for gym people.

– It has helped us get six new members in already, and we’re only four weeks, just under four weeks into using the system and we’re already, we already have six new members in and they all came through the landing page that we that’d be built through the app.

– It’s got so many benefits towards your business I think that you’d be silly really not to transfer over.

– So if you’re just looking for a one-stop shop to run your gym business smoothly, reduce headaches, reduce your time, and just make it a user-friendly experience for your members, then honestly, I cannot recommend the guys at Quoox enough. I would definitely give them a shout and get on a call with them.

– If you’re a fitness studio that is looking to go to the next level in terms of customer service, in terms of the types of services that you offer, especially in this new world of ours, it’s a no brainer. I’ve been in the fitness industry for 17 years, and there is no system out there that can actually compare to what the Quoox system offers.