Adding a campaign to your website

Building lead generation or membership signup campaigns and linking them to your website is something that is often thought to be complex and technical. However, with Quoox you can quickly & easily setup and integrate campaigns without the need of any technical knowledge.

This video shows several different ways for linking to or integrating Quoox campaigns with Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; or your own website – including embedding a campaign form in a popup. The video demonstrates how to do this with no technical knowledge in to a WordPress site, but similarly applies to Wix and other site builders.

For those with CSS stylesheet knowledge, or with a web designer, the video also touches on some of the custom styling you may apply to the Quoox campaign form – such as injecting a header image; changing font sizes/colours etc.

Quoox has a number of pre-written campaigns to give you a head start, and integrating a campaign takes literally a couple of minutes (or less).