The 2021 Ho Ho Ho Update

6 December 2021 – Colchester – Quoox today announced their “2021 Ho Ho Ho” update, which will be commencing rollout on 12 December 2021.

The primary purpose of this update is to release Quoox‘s new pricing structure, which introduces a new banded-pricing structure – ensuring fair pricing for all customers, and opening up Quoox as an affordable option to those of all budgets.

This update also includes a few small functional and administrative updates, as outlined below.

Release schedule
Quoox Portal: Roll-out commences 12 December 2021.
FitnessHub: Not applicable.
iOS App: Not applicable.
Android App: Not applicable.
New Pricing Structure

The main aim of this release is to introduce a new pricing structure, designed to be fair and affordable to facilities of every size and budget.

This update sees existing package structures continuing to be honoured for current customers, as well as introducing component and member-count based pricing for new customers.  Where applicable, if current customers would benefit from new pricing this will be automatically applied from Jan 1st 2022, and these customers will have been advised of their new pricing by letter.

Customers who joined Quoox prior to Jan 1st 2022 will find their package referenced as “Quoox Foundations” on their invoices, with customers joining on/after Jan 1st 2022 referenced as “Quoox Core”.

My Subscription

This update introduces a new page available to managers in the “Quoox Account” section of the main menu called “My Subscription”.

This new page provides a place for Quoox subscribers to administer their subscription package, including:

  • Optionally adding new features/components to their subscriptions
    We have many exciting new features (most completely unique to Quoox) coming in 2022
  • Selecting which employees are authorised to raise support enquiries
  • Administering the payment card(s) used for payment of the Quoox subscription and/or SMS charges
Help & Support

The main Quoox help page has been restructured to be less wordy; more clear; and provide the fastest route to problem resolution.

Important: From 12 December 2021 there will be a more rigorous enforcement of the rules surrounding support requests.  Every request must be raised through Quoox, and requests must only be opened by an authorised employee.  With many facilities using generic email addresses for employees (E.g., [email protected]) this is important so that we may ensure the security of your system and integrity of our service.

Enquiries raised directly with Quoox employees will either be forwarded to the support system or return with the request that an authorised employee raise a request.  This process will ensure that our customers always get the fastest response, and that emails don’t sit in “limbo” if a particular team member is absent.

Process Automation

This update includes a number of new automations to ensure that the Quoox Terms & Conditions are adhered to.  Whilst most of these will not be visible to customers or effect them in any way, one which may is the “Restricted Mode”.

It is a requirement that, for provision of service, all customers have a current (valid) payment card recorded against their account.  This card is used for ad hoc SMS payment charges, or in the event of a Direct Debit payment being declined.

If a valid card is not found, the system will automatically revert to “Restricted Mode”.  In this mode it will not be possible to add any further members or leads, and SMS messages will not be sent.  This limitation is quickly & easily lifted by simply adding a new payment card on the new “My Subscriptions” page.

Bulk Import and Welcome Email Dispatch

Quoox has always provided methods for importing core member and lead details, but these have been handled by the 2nd line support team.

As of this release, a new “Bulk Import” function is now provided in the “Settings” section of Quoox.  This provides a route whereby subscribers may now process their member and lead imports directly through the system, and trigger welcome emails to be sent accordingly.

Whilst typically part of the setup process, this may actually be used at any time.  Furthermore, members can be assigned to a given group upon import.  If the import is unsuccessful, a detailed log will help identify the problems.  The imported records may then be easily deleted and the data re-imported.

Finally, the “welcome email” can be triggered and sent to the new members.  This uses a separate welcome email template from the default/everyday template, and makes it easier for a different welcome message to be sent to those imported through the bulk process.

Post Password Redirects

Whilst semi-technical, some functionality has been added that enables a facility to control where a member is sent upon completing the setting of a password via a link sent to them.  Typically, a confirmation message would be displayed and the member taken back to the login page.

Now, the facility (using a custom link) may redirect the member to the “add a card” or “add a direct debit” pages of FitnessHub following the setting of their email.  This can significantly help member migration process flow.  Furthermore, as well as the card/DD options, a third option is provided for redirecting a member to any URL – opening up a significant number of options.

New Sign-Up Process

The Quoox new customer sign-up process has been simplified even further to ensure that facilities can get started with Quoox as quickly & easily as possible.

Quoox will operated in “restricted mode” until a payment card has been lodged in the system, at which point the full suite of functionality covered by the subscription will become available.

System Status

We have created a System Status page where it is possible to view the current status of each of the core Quoox systems, although with information about forthcoming maintenance and any current issues.

The status page is linked from the Quoox website and support site, and may also be accessed directly at https://status.quoox.com/

It is also possible to subscribe to receive updates from this page.

Whilst Quoox is proud to have had 100% up-time since its launch, we have put this page in place so that we may keep our customers informed regarding forthcoming maintenance, and if we do find ourselves experiencing any system incidents.

Patches & bug fixes

As with all of our releases, this update includes some minor patches and bug fixes. There aren’t any particularly noteworthy fixes in this update, with most being small cosmetic tweaks/amendments.

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