EU Digital COVID Certificate (DCC)

As of 7 December, the current COVID-19 restrictions in Ireland require that gyms record proof of immunity (for example, the EU DCC) to go to a gym, leisure centre, or to a hotel bar or restaurant.

We have had queries from several Irish Quoox customers asking the best way for recording compliance.  The good news is that, with your existing Quoox functionality, this is nice & easy.

Step 1

The first step is to create a new Form/Questionnaire that is used to gather the compliance data from the member.

The form only need to comprise one question of the type “file upload”, although you might want to include a prior narrative question to guide the member on what they need to provide.

Once you have created the form, simply send it out “ad hoc” to all of your members.  If you don’t want your members to be able to book any more sessions until they have uploaded their details, simply set the “Enforce after (days)” option to “0”.  This will mean that it needs to be completed immediately, and that the member cannot book until they have done so.

You may also wish to check the “Raise an alert when a member completes the form/questionnaire” checkbox when setting up the form, so you get an alert when a member completes the form, and so you may then validate their response.

Step 2 (Optional)

Because, in theory, the member could upload a photo of their dog by way of “proof”, you may wish to add a further optional step.

Create a new “member status check” type in Settings > Lists & Groups, and call it something like “COVID Immunity”.

Now, when you get an alert of the form having been completed, check the documentation provided.  If acceptable, then record the member status check against their record.  You can also optionally set a date as to when it expires and needs re-checking.

By doing this, your staff will clearly see on their roll call that the member has submitted compliance documentation, and can remedy the issue if they are in the venue but have not yet done so.

Other options

There are other ways that you can achieve this within Quoox, but the above is our recommendation and our thanks to Joe O’Connor of Nisus Fitness Training Club in Tralee for being one of the first to try this method, and to confirm that it worked well in practice.