Family Memberships

Training as a family is awesome! With Quoox, your family management software will be as well.

Easy family management

Quoox Families makes managing family groups quick and easy.

With Quoox you can create a family group; book for your family; and view each other’s schedules via the app.

Payments & Billing

Each family member has their own membership, profile and history, with payments made by the child or a selected parent.

Thanks Mum!


With Quoox you choose who receives communications. Junior member’s messages can go to Mum/Dad, youth’s can receive their own.

You choose!

Family app

Quoox has it’s own family area within the mobile app.

You can easily manage your child’s bookings; see eachother’s upcoming sessions and view the app as your child.

Quoox is the next-generation fitness management software.

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