Delivering mind-blowing member service

Fitness business success is all about member retention. Discover how Quoox keeps your members renewing.

Comprehensive member profiling

Injury & Medical Profiling

Quoox‘s revolutionary member profiling keeps you and your staff on top of every client’s requirements, every time they workout.

We are the only fitness software that collates all medical details, clearly showing body areas on Quoox‘s unique anatomical diagrams.

Visible to you and your clients

Member details are easily accessed via the Quoox portal, and can also be shared with members via the branded mobile app. This lets your clients know that you are aware of all of their requirements, both physical and emotional.

Live member profiling

Quoox‘s innovative, next generation Roll Call feature delivers each member’s details to the coach on-the-floor, at the beginning of every session.

This provides a truly personal training experience, enabling your staff to tailor each class to every member, every time,  and minimises the risk of exacerbating known injuries.

Blow away your competition!

Quoox ensures your team delivers the same level of excellence every session to every member.

Helping you provide a level of service that never fails to amaze your members, ensuring they keep coming back and refer their friends & family.

Quoox is the next-generation fitness management software.

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