Quoox and Fitbit®

Fitbit tracker integration with Quoox Insights™ enables you to engage with your members, even when away from your facility.

quoox integration with fitbit trackers

Who doesn't have a Fitbit?

Fitbit trackers have rapidly become amongst the most popular on the planet, with over 16M sold in 2019 alone!

Quoox brings your member’s Fitbit tracker info and statistics into their Quoox mobile app, and into your Quoox portal – enabling you to engage in your member’s activities.

Be more than just a workout

Quoox brings you 24×7 member tracking, enabling you to provide a comprehensive lifestyle service to your clients – not just a “single workout”.

Using Quoox message centre, text your members and comment on their steps for the day; calories consumed; how they’ve slept; etc. – providing that extra “wow” factor!

Workout metrics

At home or in-venue post session workout statistics are available in the Quoox app, as part of Insights.

Fitbit tracker metrics are consolidated for one, easy at-a-glance headline view.

Time saving

Quoox‘s deeper integration with Fitbit trackers provides your members with an enhanced experience, which they directly associate with your brand.

All of this is automated by Quoox, saving you time which you can then spend as you wish.

Quoox is the next-generation fitness management software.

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