Take your fitness business online

With Quoox you can take your gym or fitness studio online with virtual, on-demand and live-streaming video.

Deliver online video sessions

Quoox makes it easy to deliver virtual sessions to your members, without the need for expensive video equipment. You can even use your phone!

This is fully integrated with your schedule, so that members can easily book via their app and enjoy a virtual workout from their homes.

Live stream your virtual sessions

Stream your personal training, yoga, martial arts, pilates and HIIT sessions live to your customers anywhere in the world!

With no need for extra, costly plug-ins, Quoox directly integrates with Zoom, WebEx, YouTube live and many more. On-demand and virtual sessions are accessed from a single click within their mobile app.  No more copy-and-pasting virtual session links!

In-app, on-demand training

XRcize is Quoox‘s online training platform, giving you the tools to deliver multi-level, on-demand video training to your members – automatically tailored to their fitness level. Learn more

This is included in all Quoox subscriptions at no extra cost, and enables your members to train 24 x 7 – at home, on holiday, or wherever.


Engage and motivate your members by commenting on their post-workout stats*.  Workout metrics are delivered to you via the Quoox portal, and to your members via the Quoox mobile app (branded with your logo and colours).

Quoox is the next-generation fitness management software.

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