Webinar Schedule

We run a regular webinar schedule focusing on different business and training topics. Our forthcoming webinars are listed below.

If there are any areas you would like to see covered, please contact your account manager.  Videos of previous webinars are also often available for release.

August 2020

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Planning : Credits & Memberships

6th August 2020, 2pm (BST)

Creating the optimal credit packs and memberships for your business, with an eye to cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

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Development : Nurturing : The 30-day Sequence

13th August 2020, 2pm (BST)

Maximise your member trial conversion rates with effective nurturing sequences for the modern training gym.

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Implementation : COVID-19 Compliance

20th August 2020, 2pm (BST)

Compliance; contact tracing; and accurate record keeping are a critical part of business management, and not just in a global pandemic.

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Planning : Implementation : Member Retention using Myzone®

27th August 2020, 2pm (BST)

Recognised globally as one of the most effective member retention tools for the modern training gym, learn how to make Myzone® a natural part of your business flow.

September 2020

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Development : Campaigns : Profitable Trial Sales

3rd September 2020, 2pm (BST)

A smooth trial is a key element of a successful, growing business. Implement your lead attraction, capture and conversion processes effectively.

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Implementation : Effective Communications

10th September 2020, 2pm (BST)

Caring about your members is more than sending them a weekly questionnaire. Ensure you leave no member enquiry unanswered.

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Planning : Integrations : Financial Management with Xero

17th September 2020, 2pm (BST)

Your turnover is increasing, but is your business profitable? Stay on top of your day-to-day finances with Xero.

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Evaluation : KPI’s : Business Performance Tracking

24th September 2020, 2pm (BST)

Members come, and members go. How is your business tracking against your goals?

This schedule is updated on a rolling basis, so please check back regularly for webinars that may be of interest to you.