At Quoox we’re well aware that implementing a new system can be stressful – perhaps even more so if you’re trying to migrate from an existing or legacy platform.

You will naturally be concerned about any negative impact that the implementation/transition may have on your members and existing business. Planning and communication are key to ensuring the smoothest possible implementation and, at Quoox, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Deployment planning

A very smug person once said “Fail to plan, plan to fail”. Whilst annoying, they weren’t wrong!

Planning is a key element for implementing Quoox in a manner that it will, not only deploy smoothly, but will set you in good stead for years to come. This perhaps sounds more onerous than it is, but it boils down to thinking how you want to configure the system, and what works best for your business.

The co-founders of Quoox have over 25-year experience each in their respective fields of successful gym/fitness centre management, and management software design. This is the bedrock of our company, and we see it as our responsibility to help guide you through the process.

We have a symbiotic relationship with our clients. Our success is directly related to your success, and we’re here as your unofficial partner to ensure that we both meet our goals.

Member communication

Never fail to appreciate the importance of good communication with your members. If they understand why you are implementing a new system and the benefits it will bring them, they will support you in weathering the transition.

At Quoox we can share our experience of how to successfully roll-out a management solution, and can provide you with a contact strategy for keeping your members on your side.

Data migration

Nobody wants to even consider the possibility of having to sit and retype their member list into a new system. That’s the thing nightmares are made of!

Whilst every system is different, chances are that (if you can extract it) we can migrate your core member data into Quoox. Please contact us to discuss your particular requirements.

Moving to a new system is often a good opportunity to review your membership structure, and we can provide advise in this area. You will need to re-setup memberships and credits for your members and you will need to re-setup payment methods for each. These aren’t elements that can typically be migrated for security reasons.

Good communication with your members, along with our support and guidance, will ensure it’s no time before you and your centre start benefiting from your new Quoox implementation .

Business consultancy

The co-founders of Quoox each have over 25-years of expertise in their respective specialties. This merging of skill-sets has resulted in the cutting-edge product and content that we are able to provide to our customers.

Furthermore, we work with a number of industry leaders with many millions worth of successful revenue to their names. We love the industry in which we work, and are passionate about providing the best service we can. If you feel that your business might benefit from our input, please contact us and we can discuss how we might be able to help.