Quoox has been designed from the ground-up as a distributed cloud-solution, hosted on the finest Microsoft Azure infrastructure, and using trusted & proven technologies. With data privacy and the location of data storage of ever-increasing importance, Quoox has you covered.

  • 01Azure infrastructure

    Quoox is hosted on the world renowned Microsoft Azure platform, benefiting from the very finest server & network infrastructure available in the world today.

    We operate a distributed, multi-redundancy server network to ensure that we provide our clients with the best performance and maximum up-time.

    Quoox implements multi-level caching and a CDN network to optimise response and page load times.

  • 01Domiciled hosting

    Server location is important both for performance and, ever more these days, data protection compliance.

    Quoox, through Microsoft Azure, deploy local servers for each of the countries in which we operate. Your data resides in your country, and your business is served by locally hosted servers.

  • 01Multi-level security

    At Quoox we take system & data security very seriously. All data transfer is protected by 2048-bit RSA encryption, and we employ multiple levels of threat-detection, mitigation and firewalls.

    Our servers are fronted by additional CloudFlare security and denial-of-service protection, benefiting from their network-wide heuristics.

    We do not store any sensitive payment data, instead working with industry leaders for their specific expertise.

  • 01Data privacy

    Data Privacy is an area that all studios need to take seriously and, at Quoox, we work to ensure our systems and processes meet GDPR and best practices for data protection.

    From data being stored on servers in your country, to the encryption of sensitive information, we're here to help (not hinder) your compliance goals.