We're not kidding...

Implementing Quoox into your gym or studio could be a game-changer Рboth for your business, and for you as a gym owner/manager personally. Highlighted below are just some of the things that makes Quoox unique. We also do all of the things you would expect.

XRcize next generation online training

Included as a core feature of all Quoox subscriptions, XRcize is a potential game changer for bricks-and-mortar gyms and fitness studios. There is little doubt that the future of the fitness industry is a fusion of in-person and online training.

Unlike traditional solutions, where your online training is a separate entity to your main business system, Quoox provides a single, cohesive solution. No more disjointed information, multiple apps, and different logins. Now you can manage and support your members in a way that was impossible using a bunch of legacy systems.

Through the XRcize Hub and Member Dashboard, you have full visibility of all of your member’s activities. Promoting and selling through Quoox‘s Campaign functionality, you can rapidly open up new revenue streams.

We have seen over-and-over how Quoox can be a game-changer for customers previously stuck using separate CRMs; online training; campaign marketing; communications etc.

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Member Management

In addition to all of the usual member management functions, there are a number of features that are unique to Quoox, or that we do a little bit differently to most. We’ve highlighted some of our favourites here…

Employee Management

As every gym owner/manager knows, there is much more to running a gym than just the members. Effective employee management is phenomenally important, and poor management can result in reduced customer service or, worst of all, lost custom.

Quoox includes a number of tools to help make employee, shift and payroll management easier for gym owners/managers.

Member Functions

With pretty much everybody having a smart phone these days, and most using your app to book their sessions, it makes logical sense to use the app to provide a better customer service to your members.

As well as covering the basics, the Quoox mobile apps provide a number of features that will help your gym stand out-from-the-crowd, and for you to be their training heroes!

Just the tip of the iceberg...

The above list is some of the things that we like to think we do a little bit differently from the average gym management system. There is, of course, the enormous list of functionality that Quoox provides that is pretty much standard in any credible wellness centre management solution.