Essential Features

On top of the Quoox difference comes the wealth of core functionality essential to the efficient management of a gym or studio – and common to most of the market-leading solutions.  Just like “our car has a steering wheel and brakes”, we’ve highlighted some of these key features for your reassurance, below.  If you’re a fan of long tick-lists, check out our comprehensive feature list.

We believe that the functionality that Quoox provides is essential to the successful running of every gym. We therefore provide all of our product functionality to all subscribers, for an affordable monthly fee. Subscribers may then opt to add our comprehensive and game-changing content package, as they wish.


The Quoox management can be accessed securely via any modern browser. It is intuitive to use and, being cloud-based, you don’t need an expensive computer to run it. Furthermore, you can be assured that you’re always running the latest version, and have access to the newest features.


Let’s face it, we wouldn’t be much of a gym management system if we didn’t do online bookings! Members can book either through the web interface or, as most will do these days, via the Quoox mobile app. Whilst member booking is managed by a rule-set, employees and managers have much greater flexibility. The system is designed to work with you, and the way that you wish to run your business.


Quoox includes a comprehensive, highly-effective and easy-to-use campaign and lead management/generation system. Along with proven, pre-written campaigns, you can literally create, publish and have a campaign running within less than 10-seconds. Don’t believe us? As to see a demonstration, and you will see how this function alone could literally change your life!


Attendance monitoring should be a key part of your business management. It is important to know that your members attended and, if not, why not? Such management and monitoring also ties-in with the Quoox member reliability metrics. Whilst some software providers charge extra for the self-service check-in function, we provide it to all our customers.


It would be difficult for your members to book sessions, if you couldn’t set them up and manage them through the system! With Quoox, like most of the leading systems, you can configure your sessions/classes, courses and popups (ad-hoc events), which you can then configure to occur on a scheduled basis.

The scheduling options offered by Quoox are more comprehensive than some, and include options such as the ability the schedule “the second Wednesday of every month“; “the last Friday of every month“; etc.


Good customer service comes from that personal touch. Now, for any trainer that coaches more than  few dozen members, it is hard to remember names and details. This is where Quoox helps. Members are encouraged to upload their photo via the app, and a concise booking summary helps trainers know exactly who they’re seeing and any issues they may have (E.g. injuries).


As a gym manager, you don’t want empty spaces in your sessions. However, it is inevitable that some people will drop-out at the last moment. Quoox wait-listing allows interested members to indicate their interest in a session – even if it’s fully booked. If a space becomes available, the wait-list notifications can be triggered and the space allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Unlike some systems, Quoox provides staff and managers with greater control over the waitlist processes. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to squeeze a “VIP member” onto a class, then discovering the waitlist has triggered and it’s been filled by another member.


The majority gyms are able to earn decent additional revenue through point-of-sale products, such as vitamin bars; apparel; at-home training equipment; etc. Quoox provides simple, intuitive point-of-sale functionality that includes promotions and inventory management.

Most boutique gym owners will know the “can I pay for that when I come in next time” scenario. Many will also be familiar with the scrawled post-it note outcome, and the hassle associated with trying to keep up with who has paid – and who hasn’t. Quoox solves this headache too, with “member tabs” – the ability to record due items against a member record. Staff are left in no doubt as to who has paid, and who still owes – all backed up by management reporting features.


Like most gym management solutions, Quoox has built-in payment automation and billing – but perhaps does it a little differently to most. The system separates credit allocations and billing, and allows for credits to be allocated on a totally different schedule to the billing schedule. So, if you wish to allocate credits monthly, but payment is to be taken weekly, that is totally feasible.

Quoox integrates with Stripe for credit/debit card payments, and with GoCardless for direct-debit mandates. Members can have multiple cards recorded against their account, enabling them to pay for their membership with one and ad-hoc purchases with another. Direct debit mandates are recommended for membership payments, as this provides lower transaction charges to gyms – and is often a more reliable form of payment.

As with all credible modern systems, Quoox does not hold any credit card or other financially sensitive information. This is managed by the integrations with Stripe and GoCardless, leaving each provider to focus on their area of expertise.


Promoting your sessions, courses and products to your members is an important part of generating revenue. Quoox is designed to help you do this as easily as possible. With very little effort you can produce an amazing result from the member mobile apps, and keep your sessions full – and your bank balance healthy.


The built-in notification system alerts staff and managers to any priority events – such as payment failures, or document uploads. Having experienced an in-box full of “member X bought Y” emails, the approach we’ve implemented with Quoox is a little less “wood for the trees”!


Do you have to keep your staff up-to-date via WhatsApp messages, bits of paper, and files scattered all over Google Drive? With Quoox, it’s problem solved! As well as an innovative Staff Noticeboard, the system also features its own built-in cloud document store. This is perfect for storing documents such as staff handbooks, cleaning rotas, and the plethora of other random documents that every gym needs to share with its employees.


Who deleted the 11am session? Yes – we’ve all heard such cries, and nobody was ever responsible! Quoox incorporates extensive event logging – which managers can view to see who did what in their system. Our system architecture is also such that, if something does get accidentally deleted (and you let us know promptly enough), chances are we can get it back for you. We do, however, leave it up-to-you to slap the legs of the culprit!


Quoox provides both iOS apps (for iPhone; iPad etc.), and Android apps. This is the most popular way for members to book and manage their sessions (as well as much more). With your members likely covering a diverse demographic, the app has been designed to be highly intuitive – whilst still delivering a wealth of functionality that your members will appreciate.


The branded dashboard provides your trainers and staff an at-a-glance view of what is happening in your gym today. You can see forthcoming sessions and their availability; usage and capacity statistics; staff notices; employee shifts; member birthdays and much more.


Designed for both boutique and high-street fitness centres, Quoox includes multi-venue support. Ensure that your members are aware of all of your venues… they might have friends they wish to introduce! Upload photos of each venue, and include corresponding marketing narrative. List your opening times and, show your location on a map – enabling your members to get directions using Google Maps at a click of a button.


Quoox incorporates extensive membership management functions. It is a requirement for centres to keep a record of injuries; incidents; progress and corresponding documentation – both for the effective running of the business, as well as legal compliance. The possibility of a member advising of an injury and, yet not all trainers being aware, is a legal minefield – and one that brings many gym owners out in a bit of a sweat! It is also amazing how many gym management solutions don’t even record a member’s fitness progress, or achievements.

Quoox provides solutions to all of these issues, and makes membership management an absolute dream. Where appropriate, stats and progress is fed back to the members via the mobile app – providing them a great service, and saving you time in answering the numerous “what weight was it I pressed the other day? ” enquiries.


Attendance management is a big issue for all gym owners/managers. Quoox provides a wealth of tools and functions to help in this area. As well as comprehensive communications strategies and attendance tracking, the system also provides a dynamic reliability metric for each member. Members get a positive score for good attendance and early cancellation, and a negative score for non-attendance or late cancellation. This score is shared with the member via the mobile app, and inherently encourages good attendance… no-one wants to see their reliability drift into the red!

Inevitably every gym has the odd ‘flaky’ member. Quoox supports ‘strike rules’ that can be optionally auto-applied to members that drift below a configurable level of reliability. This helps enforce to them the importance of attendance, as well as providing a better service to other members.


All communications that are sent to your members via Quoox are branded to represent your business in a professional manner. Emails include your logo and colours, and the content can be tailored to suit your style. All subscribers get full access to the Quoox 2-way communications centre. Not only can members receive emails from your system, but they can reply – and have the message come back in against their member record. The legal, data protection, and intellectual property nightmare of trainers communicating with members via their personal devices is completely solved with Quoox. The system provides a cohesive, unified platform for members and staff alike.


Good customer contact is critical for member retention. Quoox delivers configurable multi-contact automated communications. For example, for quarterly one-on-one consultations you could setup a triple reminder system than sends the member three different ‘countdown’ reminders prior to the scheduled date. Typically, gyms might implement a single reminder prior to each session – to maximise the likelihood of attendance, or cancellation if they can no longer attend.

Even Quoox‘s automated communications are ‘smarter than the average bear’… Suppose a staff member sets up a reminder to occur 12-hours before every session. Well, for a 5pm session, members likely aren’t going to be too chuffed to receive a 5am reminder! This is where the system implements ‘sociable hour’ rules and, in this example, would roll the reminder to a sociable acceptable time the evening before.


Quoox provides a treasure-trove of reports for the gym manager, covering a wide range of angles. These real-time reports are being added-to all of the time and we regularly include new requests from customers. Essentially, if the data is recorded in the system, it’s 99.9% likely that we can write a report for it.


As well as the real-time reports, Quoox also incorporates a wide variety of anonymous analytics. This allows us to ensure that the system is functioning for our customers as it should be, and to fine tune any areas that require improvement.


As well as integrating with both MailChimp and ActiveCampaign, Quoox also has it’s own built-in scheduled broadcast functionality – enabling the dispatch of marketing/promotional messages either by text or email. This is perfect for alerting a group of users that you have a space(s) available for a given session, or promoting a new offering.


For those customers wishing to display a dynamic list of sessions on their own website, Quoox provides a corresponding set of xss compliant scripts and feeds. These can be manipulated and styled by website designers to provide a wide variety of results, and meet the customer’s desires.


No system can make you GDPR compliant – but it can make you non-compliant. Quoox has been designed to implement what is (currently understood) to be ‘best practice’ with regards to GDPR compliancy. Even our “Tell A Friend” function is GDPR compliant – maintaining your legal integrity, without compromising your business leads.


Quoox integrates with a variety of different 3rd-party products and providers. We are always adding new integrations and tie-ups, and have several new ones under development at present. Existing integrations include:


Stripe is a widely respected card payment processing company. Quoox integrates with Stripe to handle credit and debit card payments. Our customers each have their own Stripe account, and we remain at ‘arms-length’ to the funds taken and transferred.


GoCardless is the Direct Debit payment provider used by Quoox. We recommend that all gym owners take the primary membership fees via Direct Debit, as the fees are lower than with credit cards – and also the likelihood of reliable payment is higher.


Your Gym Management Software taking payments and processing memberships is all great but, as every business person knows, Cash Is King! To help you manage your financial position, and to know where you stand at any point, Quoox integrates with the popular Xero online accounting solution. Invoices and payments are transferred into Xero in real-time, and are available for your reconciliation when you receive the bank payments from Stripe and GoCardless. We provide guidance on our support site with regards how to properly reconcile your Stripe and GoCardless payments – in a manner that the taxman will approve.


Even our box of breakfast flakes integrates with MailChimp! It’s a great piece of “does what it says on the tin” marketing software, and is particularly easy to use for those managing a few hundred members.


ActiveCampaign is what happens when you give MailChimp steroids! It is a more feature rich marketing tool, designed for more complex member (re-)engagement. This is the perfect solution to those with greater numbers of members, or those looking for more complex functionality.


With so many fitness apps and products on the market, we have a long list of suppliers that we will be integrating with. Quoox currently has several integration developments under way (to be announced soon), and we will continue working down our list. If your centre uses a particular product, please check to see if it’s on our list – and how far up!


Just a reminder that, when you started reading this page, we mentioned that this is just the list of essential functions that any self-respecting gym management solution provides. Add to this the Quoox difference & our content package, and you will begin to grasp just what a comprehensive package Quoox is. Moreover, you get it all… We don’t have “wealthy customer” and “poor customer” offerings. We believe that we should provide you the tools you need to succeed. All you have to choose is whether you wish to include our content package, and take your membership offering to a whole new level!