Introduce Quoox to other like-minded facilities

As an existing customer, you know the difference that Quoox can make to a business.

We’re offering rewards for customers who share their experience with similar training gyms and fitness studios.

How it works

If you are an existing customer of Quoox, simply email [email protected] an introduction or referral to a gym or fitness studio (cc’ing an authorised principal or owner) to whom you have spoken with about Quoox, and where they have expressed an interest in learning more about our product.

We will arrange a call or meeting with the facility that you refer, and will acknowledge your introduction.

If the facility comes on-board as a Quoox customer; remains in good-standing for 3-months; and is transacting their bookings & payments via the Quoox system, you will be eligible for a referrers reward.  It’s as easy as that.

We are presently offering successful referrers a £300 BLK BOX voucher.  As an alternative, a 2-months suspension of your subscription fees to Quoox; or a £250 cash equivalent may be requested.  If you are referring from outside of the United Kingdom, a GBP250 cash equivalent reward will be paid.

Important: Prospects referred to Quoox must be trading within the United Kingdom; Ireland; Isle of Man; and/or the United States.  Quoox is predominantly designed for personal training gyms and similar facilities, where personal attention to members and quality of service is paramount.  The product is less suited to “open gyms”.

Got a question?

Is the reward limited to those options outlined?

Yes. We highly recommend the BLK BOX voucher.  BLK BOX are, without doubt, one of the premiere equipment manufacturers.  Their products are both beautiful and functional.

As per the terms, a cash alternative is available for those who do not wish the voucher or subscription options.  A cash reward is the only option for customers outside of the UK.

What if I don’t own a Quoox subscription, but I am an employee at a facility that uses it?

This scheme is for all Quoox users, not just facility owners. Submit a referral using the referral processes anytime to participate and earn rewards.

I use the Quoox app to book my classes and sessions. Can I refer a gym?

We are delighted that you would like to refer a facility to us.  This scheme, however, is only available to existing customers making a referral.

As a customer outside of the UK Am I still eligible to refer and earn rewards?

Yes, you’ll earn GBP250, which will be paid by bank transfer to your account.  The monies you receive will be subject to transaction and currency conversion charges, as applied by your bank.

Terms and Conditions

The full terms and conditions of our Referral Scheme may be found here.