19 June 2022

Are you one of the fitness industry's lone wolves?

By a show of hands, how many of you attended the "Elevate 22" event at the Excel in London?
Excel London

The replacement to LIW (Leisure Industry Week), which used to take place in the aptly-named "Midlands", is now a 2-day event based at the Excel, in central London.  It is a well-organised event with a lot of high profile suppliers in attendance, and is widely recognised as one of the premiere fitness industry events on the calendar.

Whilst well attended, it is of no great surprise to me how many of you didn't raise your hands.

The chances are that you were working your butt-off running your training gym, and making sure that everything got done. It is very likely you were even taking a session or two yourself!

I have little doubt many of you will be thinking to yourselves "I don't have time for that sort of luxury".  Also, unless you're in the home counties, the Excel isn't exactly the most convenient and cost-effective venue for you to get to.  That money can be better spent elsewhere, right?

Fitness Industry Lone Wolves

Does these statements represent you?

  • You own a small group personal training gym.
  • You're at the facility most (if not every) day that it is open.
  • You work extremely hard to provide a high-level of service to your members.
  • You take classes or sessions yourself, either regularly or from time-to-time.
  • Whilst you're doing ok, you'd like to be doing better.

Perhaps you've explored one or two of the 'business guru' groups that are out there. Maybe you're one of the 40% of personal training gym owners that isn't male, with tatts & a beard - and the stereotypical 'bro-clone' culture found in many of these groups simply "isn't for you".

Working hard, every day, on your own - you are a lone wolf

Being a lone wolf can lead to feelings of isolation and that there is no where you can go to get support.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

Professional & Inclusive

SGPT Infinity, part of Alchemy from Quoox is a community focussed business coaching, mentorship, and comprehensive resource program for helping small group training gym owners, like yourself, take their businesses from being good to GREAT.

SGPT Infinity was created at the behest of many of our Quoox GMS software clients - disillusioned by the mainstream support services and business 'gurus' who simply didn't represent them or their style of business.

It is our company ethos that, if we're going to do something, we will do it better than is being done by the rest of the market.

With SGPT Infinity, we have done exactly that. We firmly believe the service and quality of resources delivered by Alchemy is more professional and of a higher-quality than anything that has been available to date.  What's more, our entire offering is designed with the Quoox GMS (specialist boutique gym software) at the core.

Our co-founder, Ben Brand, was a "lone wolf" himself.  Having worked for 25+ years in the fitness industry, he found his level of service and professionalism wasn't represented by the community groups he explored.  With Alchemy he and the Quoox team have had the opportunity to create the service that he long wished had existed when he first operated his small group training facilities.

We firmly believe that no one individual can know all there is to know about operating a successful small group training gym.  That is why Alchemy comprises a team of professional advisors, dedicated to all aspects of creating a successful & profitable boutique training gym.

To learn more about how Alchemy might help your business, and how you can become part of the SGPT Infinity community, book a call.


Alchemy provides the system, resources, and the practical advice & support that gym owners need to operate a profitable, "high ticket" membership, small-group training gym. Alchemy is the ultimate "SGPT toolkit".
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