Attract & engage
new members

Member drop-off - Reach-out by text or email

Track your performance with real-time metrics

Build community & retain members

Build community and keep members coming back
  • Streamline your bookings and payments
  • Offer a customisable members’ area/website
  • Integrate in-person and online training
  • Track real-time metrics to help build your business

Join the fitness community using Quoox to manage their facilities:

It was quite remarkable how fast we could transition from one system to the other, and offering new services.

Joe Garcia, Program Director
Arena Fitness, California

Quoox has given me more time to work with my clients, members, and team. Quoox is the solution that allowed me to go hybrid with my business.

Joe O Connor, Owner
Nisus Fitness, Ireland

You can tell it's been built by people who know the business inside-out. Quoox has saved us a massive amount of time.

Barrie Mark Scougal, Owner
Barrie Mark Personal Training, Carlisle

For over 12 years I've been searching for sometihing as powerful and intuitive as Quoox.

Joe McDonnell, Director
PowerBurn Virtual Studio

It's so nice to have a clear understanding of where my members are on their journey, and how information is fed to them.

Ben Rooney, Owner
Best Results Fitness, Berkhamstead

Quoox has helped us get in 6 new members in under 4 weeks. We have seen a huge increase in attendence as everything is in one neat software.

Ian Stevenson, Owner
EK Fitness, East Kilbride

The step-by-step setup guide allowed me to set up the software easily in my own time. I purchased Quoox on the Friday and by the Monday we were ready to go.

David Slade, Owner
Krav Maga Elite, Cambridge

Quoox is everything, It's the "big picture". It's just so easy for members and staff to use, with the support being amazingly quick.

Russell Sherwood
PTX Fitness, Perth

What can Quoox do for you?

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* Quoox is presently available in: UK; US; and Ireland. We will be expanding in Australia once COVID challenges permit.