In their words…

Barrie Mark Scougal
Barrie Mark Personal Training Centre, UK

“Quoox is a night-and-day difference compared to the systems we’ve ever used. You can tell that Quoox has been built by people who know the business inside-out.

The Quoox support team have been crash hot from day one, which is really important for us gym owners. We got our members to rate the system out of 10, and not a single person rated it under 9.”

Joseph Garcia
Arena Fitness Training Center, US

“I have been in the fitness industry for 17 years, and there is no system out there that can actually compare to what the Quoox system offers… It was quite remarkable how fast we could transition from one system to the other. We were able to implement services that we weren’t able to offer in the past.”

Harriet Olliffe
Fleet Fitness, UK

“From my very first call, it was abundantly clear that a move to Quoox was going to best for my business moving forwards.

Quoox offers the full package you’d expect from a CRM system; bookings, communications, lead capture and member nurture as well as the ability to take membership payments and keep on top of reporting with their handy templates. My personal favourite feature is the ability to communicate with members via email and SMS on the dashboard; gone are the endless Whatsapp messages and DMs on socials!

The onboarding process was very smooth, the support tools are great and the team are always quick to respond.

Quoox has enabled us to streamline our services, remove the need for multiple subscriptions and it’s all wrapped up in a professional customer-facing portal/app.”

Joe O Connor
Nisus Fitness, Ireland

“Quoox has given me more time to work with my clients, members, and team. I am no longer bogged-down with the complexities of multiple software platforms.

Quoox is the solution that allowed me to go hybrid with my business.”

Jon Bullock
Krav Maga Elite, UK

“It takes a lot for me to move software platforms, but Quoox offered me what I needed and so much more.

Our club now has much better systems, and we can deliver so much more value to our members.”

James St. Pierre
Unique Results, UK

“We switched over to Quoox in June of 2020 and have never looked back.

The transition was smooth and well managed by the tech team.

Not only has it allowed us to reduce our monthly subscriptions to other software systems (because Quoox does so much) throughout Lockdown it has integrated our Zoom sessions for members seamlessly through an easy to use client facing app.

The payment management is fantastic and easy to use and understand. All in all Quoox provides me with a better, all encompassing service & product at a lower cost.

The technical support with Quoox is brilliant, always fast and thorough and communication is fantastic as well.

I would highly recommend Quoox as a full & powerful solution to manage your fitness business both online & as a physical venue/premises.”

Ian Stevenson
EK Fitness Centre, UK

“Quoox has helped us get six new members in already, and we’re only four weeks, just under four weeks into using the system and we’re already, we already have six new members in and they all came through the landing page that we that’d be built through the app.”

Scott Britton
Battle Cancer & Move Forward Gym, UK

“From the moment I saw Quoox features I was blown away with the incredible attention to detail. Every single aspect of offering a supported and in depth member journey is done by Quoox. The medical notes, nurturing system and FitFlix is multiple services all wrapped into one.

The business management for running our first facility is out of this world. At Battle Cancer and Move Forward we are attempting to change how fitness spaces help some of the most vulnerable people post cancer treatment. The features of the system allow us to provide a truly revolutionary approach to returning people both to mental and physical strength.”

Gemma Taylor
Powerburn, UK

“Having tried many different software solutions for the fitness industry, we were not looking forward to the on-boarding process, but Quoox made it so easy.

Our account manager was with us every step of the way and made everything very straightforward. He has been with us since the beginning and knows our business inside and out. It’s like having another employee on the team, who is there to help us out with technical support whenever we need…”

Michael Quirk
Eat Train Live, UK

“We moved to Quoox after years of never quite finding what we needed from a CMS system, which meant we had costly subscriptions to multiple companies for booking systems, fitness apps, email systems, SMS systems – and what felt like an endless list of costs to the business.

I said for years if a company could effectively package these things together, that it would become the best system available… and Quoox did just that. From day one the team have been brilliant. Any requests they are onto straight away, and are very open to ideas to improve the system – which I found just didn’t happen with other companies.

The booking system is brilliant… Never once have I had any booking issues. Considering we run 130 Group PT/class sessions a week, plus a full day schedules for 2 open gyms, that’s a lot of sessions working efficiently!”

Lesley Ann Johnstone
Lactive, UK

“So the setup process at the start, I was really nervous, like I said, I am “pen & paper”, and very old-fashioned. The thought of having an app and me having to be on a laptop, it gave me nightmares, Ollie, who’s did my onboarding, was absolutely fantastic. Really settled me down, took the time. I can’t believe the amount of time they’ve actually took with me.”

Brendan Moore
Moore Movement Fitness, UK

“I started using Quoox earlier this year and it’s been an absolute game changer for me and my business!

It’s helped take all the hard work out of tasks such as, booking in clients with the easy to use online booking system, setting up membership payment plans, the ability to communicate to members through the messaging service, setting up onboarding protocols and many other great features that are available through the Quoox platform.

The level of support from the Quoox team was amazing right from the start. I’m not a tech kind of guy and get easily frustrated when trying to set things like this up, but they were always available to jump on a call with me and talk me through what I needed to do.

So thanks so much for making my business run smoother and better!”

Ben Rooney
Best Results Fitness, UK

“I would definitely recommend Quoox. It’s so nice to have a clear understanding of where my members are on their journey, and how information is fed to them. I used to have so many different systems that, for me, it’s been an absolute game changer.”

David Slade
Defend Krav Maga, UK

“The step-by-step setup guide allowed me to set up the software easily in my own time.

I signed-up to Quoox on the Friday and by the Monday we were ready to go.”

Turlough Adley
Move Forward Gym, UK

“Move Forward gym has been using Quoox since we started. It has been invaluable in helping us attract and generate leads into members by using its integrated systems.

Its detailed medical section is a great way to make sure all of our coaches know each member before class, if they need to make and adaptions to the prescribed movements on the program.

Once the systems are set up then it self manages all the onboarding and ongoing communication for new members.”

Shane Murphy
United Fitness Gym, UK

“With the stress of setting up the gym and trying to understand the app at the same time, I was starting to panic, as I thought I would never get it done.

Thankfully [the Quoox team] was always just a call away to help put me at ease, now the app is set up it’s so easy to use.

I can’t thank [Quoox] enough for going above and beyond to make sure everything was done correctly, sending me links and videos on a weekly basis. [My account manager Jess] was a good laugh, which always helps when your getting to the opening stage of a business! It’s important you have the right people around you, and I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Russell Sherwood
PTX Fitness, UK

“The onboarding process was probably one of the easiest things we’ve done. We were kept up to speed with what was needed from us, so we could plan for it.

When we did our initial onboarding, it was so easy. We left that original meeting and we knew that we’d made the right decision.”