Setting the scene...

10:30pm, Easter Sunday (aka the first day off in months).

Meep… meep!

“Hi Ben! I’ve hurt my shoulder, so need to take it easy when training for the next week…”

Meep… meep!

“Hey! It’s Julia.  I forgot I’ve got a ‘thing’ tomorrow morning, so can’t do the session I’ve booked. The system won’t let me cancel?”

Meep… meep!

“Sorry, I know it’s late, but the system says I haven’t got any credits, so I can’t book my sessions for next week. This keeps happening! Can you take a look?”

Something had to change...

The situation was beyond ridiculous. Ben Brand had dedicated his life to the wellness industry. He was one of the country’s finest trainers and, yet, he spent 90% of his time on administration and fixing problems. And here he was again, flicking between emails, text messages, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger – rather than spending quality time with his family.

Despite having been “designed by fitness professionals”, neither of the market-leading gym management solutions that Ben had tried worked for him. Ben wanted needed a system that would help “carry the load”. A system that would enable him to spend more time focusing on his members, enjoy more time with his family, and get back into his own regular training regime. In short, a system that would enable him to get his life back.

When vision met realisation...

Having been a client and friend of Ben’s for many years, Chris Windram had both seen and experienced Ben’s frustrations. With over 25-years in the software industry, and having previously founded & sold a successful industry-targeted CRM business, Chris knew that there was a better way… A way where the system didn’t grind-to-a-halt at 2pm when US customers started using it; a way where it didn’t take 30-seconds for the system to respond to the click of an up-arrow; a way that would deliver a slick and personalised service to his members; and, most importantly, a way that would allow Ben to run his business – rather than his business run him.

The coming together of Ben’s expertise in the wellness industry, with Chris’ expertise in development of cloud-based management solutions resulted in Quoox.

So much more than software...

Born through frustration, experience and a hunger to “do things better”, Quoox is so much more than gym management software. It is a complete gym management solution, providing an affordable, scaleable, turn-key management resource to both boutique and high-street fitness centres.

Quoox consolidates many of the numerous, unconnected tools that gyms find themselves using. Not only does it provide a central management hub through which the business can be run in an effective and compliant manner, it also enables you to significantly raise the quality and professionalism of the services that you provide to your members – whilst saving you time and money!

We bet your phone is buzzing, right now!

As well as doing everything that a normal Gym Management System does, take a look at what makes Quoox different, and how it can help you reclaim your life. You can also see how Quoox stacks-up against the market-leaders by checking-out our ‘of course we do that too‘ page. If you love a good list, head over to our feature list.