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On this week's Fitness + Technology podcast, host Bryan K. O'Rourke welcomed Quoox founders Ben Brand & Chris Windram to the show. We were delighted.
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2021 looks to be the year we may finally see symbiosis in the fitness industry
The word Symbiosis comes from the Greek term for “living together” and is any type of a close and long-term mutualistic biological interaction between two.
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Quoox announces new partnership with Heads2Minds

21st May 2021 – Colchester, UK – Today, Quoox Ltd., a market disruptor in the delivery of innovative gym management software solutions, announced that it.

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Brace for Impact
Brace for impact…
This article presently applies to Quoox customers in the UK and Ireland only Over the last few months we have all been receiving messages from.
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Michael Quirk, Eat Train Live
Case Study: Eat Train Live
At 28,000 sq. ft., Eat Train Live is one of the country’s largest independent personal & small group training facilities. Looking well beyond traditional in-person.
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Case Study: PowerBurn
Discover why one of the founder members of today’s professional strong women movement chose Quoox to operate her small group and 1-to-1 personal training business.
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…and breathe
For those facilities whose lead generation model is highly reliant on Facebook, the last few months have been a stressful time. As many will know,.
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Schedule Tuesday
"Schedule Tuesday" is the day of the year when all the gym and facility owners in England frantically reschedule their entire training calendar, following the.
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Case Study: Barrie Mark Personal Training
The Barrie Mark Personal Training Centre in Carlisle is one of the finest small group & 1-to-1 gyms in the north of England. Founder, Barrie.
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Case Study: Unique Results
Learn how James St. Pierre, founder of Unique Results in Essex, came to move to Quoox and has never looked back since.
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Myzone Switch
MZ-Switch – Making waves, and positioning your facility for the win
"Make Waves" it says in the official Myzone advert and, since its embargoed announcement to existing Myzone facilities on 18th/19th March, Myzone & MZ-Switch have.
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Exploring the new plus side of MZ-Remote
MZ-Remote was released by Myzone last summer and provided the ability for members to use their Myzone belts in live online sessions, and for facilities.
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