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When choosing a system upon which to run your gym business and charge your memberships, you are trusting that provider with your livelihood.  Moreover, you are trusting that company to handle your member data responsibly and to represent your business interests.

At Quoox we take our commitments to our customers very seriously. Our engineers are constantly monitoring our systems, and perform regular hardware and software updates. Our status monitor can be used to track any current or recent system events.

Data Security
Tiered backup strategy
Encryption in transit
Encryption in storage
Member passwords stored as irreversible hash
No payment data stored
Microsoft Azure hosting
Country of origin hosting
Infrastructure security
Scalable architecture
Nearby edge servers
Multi-tier caching
DDOS Protection
Web Application Firewall
Bot Shield
Argo Smart Routing
Country access restrictions
App & FitnessHub
SHA256 Encryption
Custom client SSL
SPF and DKIM for email/ anti-spam security
Dedicated email servers
Vanity email & URL support
Proxied DNS
Separate test environment
Azure DevOps Services
Private GIT Repository
Member passwords stored as irreversible hash
No payment data stored
Restricted SSO access
2FA on all accounts
Employee training
Email & virus protection
Incident response training

Watch a short video from our CTO (Chief Technology Officer), Chris Windram, discussing some of the aspects that you may wish to consider when selecting the primary software platform upon which to run your business and in which to store your valuable member data. Watch the video

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