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Dedicated to the needs of Small Group Personal Training gyms
Quoox was formed to meet the specific software and business operational needs of the modern small group personal training (SGPT) facility.

Rife with expensive, generalist legacy systems (designed for anything from yoga to hairdressing) alongside flaky apps developed on a budget by business gurus, the typical SGPT gym owner found themselves with a huge technology stack that did little to help their business.

Designed from the ground-up to meet the specific needs of high-value membership, small group and personal training gyms, Quoox has enabled its customers in the UK, US, and Ireland to grow their businesses and increase their profitability - without blowing-up their costs.
With many products & services being solely led either by fitness or technology, the balance that Quoox is able to deliver, through Gym Mastery, from a core foundation of expertise in both disciplines leaves it unrivalled.

Our Quoox Ultimate software enables SGPT gym owners to deliver the highest level of service to their members - more effectively, often at a lower cost, and with less effort than any other software on the market.

With the leading Quoox Ultimate system at its core, our Gym Mastery business support services are wholly tailored to each client. We act as an extension of your team, providing you with our knowledge, guidance, and resources – enabling you to operate at a level far greater than you might otherwise achieve.
It is the Quoox ethos to work with and support the SGPT fitness market. 

Our pricing is fair, our customer service is excellent, and unlike an increasing number of software providers, we do not seek to slice a cut of your revenue through membership processing charges.

It is no coincidence that Quoox is the service provider of choice to some of the world's best known & leading SGPT facilities.

Supporting the fitness industry

Delivering products & services to help your fitness business thrive


Comprising a comprehensive suite of workflows, resources, and campaigns, Gym Mastery is the best solution for growing your small group or personal training gym whilst keeping costs down.
About us
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Quoox provides the system, resources, and practical advice & support that gym owners need to operate a profitable, "high ticket" membership, small-group training gym. Discover the ultimate "SGPT toolkit".
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