5 August 2022

Welcoming Meg Westrope to the Quoox team

A warm welcome to everyone reading my first blog post! My name is Meg Westrope. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as the newest member in the Quoox team and my previous experience within social media.

I am a graduate at the University of Essex, where I attained a 1st class degree in BSc Sports and Exercise Science. My Sporting backgrounds include semi-professional Triple Jumper and playing Lacrosse. For those who don’t know lacrosse is an American sport, that is basically hockey in the air.

As the world moved online since the pandemic, social media has maintained its position as the ultimate tool for marketing and an ever-changing platform that influences communities and develops businesses.

At University, as my screen time increased to 8 hours a day (yes that’s possible, I blame lockdowns), I developed an interest in online platforms and marketing. I created my own platform, writing blogs for young women mental health, pressure of body image and fast fashion.

Meg Westrope

After the first lockdown I started my year in industry. I worked for the Human Performance Unit providing sport science services, coaching athletes, developing content to build their platform and promoting athlete achievements.

As two more lockdowns affected my ‘Face to Face’ experiences within a small business, I began to explore the growth of social media and online platforms within the sporting world. For my final year, at Essex, I was elected the Communications officer for the Essex Blades (46 Sports Clubs). In this role I organised and promoted large-scale charity and sporting events. I was also responsible for creating content for the Essex Blades social media platforms. Although all sporting events are in person, I have learnt an online presence can promote participation and build support for important events

I think it’s important to understand the power a strong online platform can command, but also the ‘dark’ side of social media. Social media, especially in the sporting community, can put pressure on individuals and affect mental health. For my degree dissertation, I explored the pressures of social media on young females, decreasing body satisfaction and making them change eating and exercise behaviours. There’s an interesting psychological theory – The Social Comparison Theory. This explains how individuals determine their self-worth based on comparison they make from people within their community. As a young woman I can share my struggles of constantly feeling pressure to achieve beauty/fitness standards, as modern life has become an Instagram photo.

Social media isn’t all bad, it has the power to build communities, showcase voices and educate. This links to my new role at Quoox. We want to create some “good” online, by building an online platform for the SGPT community powered by our new brand, Alchemy. Our platform with be an introduction to the community, not only showcasing our expert knowledge of the SGPT sector, but also showcase your gym and events. Our goals include showcasing what it’s like to join a SGPT gym; giving workout and nutrition advice; talking about achievements/events within our community; and raising awareness to current issues/minorities and how our platform can support them.

I want this platform to feel safe for people, show people how fun, warming ,and supportive it is to be part of a SGPT group; to break beauty standards and show people how important exercise can be for physical and mental health.

After Quoox was developed during the pandemic we have sat behind a desk for too long. We want to work with you and showcase this great community we have.

We would love the opportunity to come meet you and celebrate your hard work of building a SGPT business by shooting content. We would share this content with you, with it also being available for you to use on your platforms. 

Thank you for giving me the chance to introduce myself and I hope we share the same goals in developing our broader fitness community.

Meg signature

Meg Westrope
Social Media & Marketing Executive

Written by Megan Westrope.


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