6 September 2023

National Fitness Day - Your Health is For Life

National Fitness Day 2023 will take place on Wednesday, 20 September. This is the chance to highlight the role physical activity plays across the UK, helping us raise awareness of its importance in assisting us to lead healthier lifestyles. This year, National Fitness Day is to recognise and celebrate the life-long physical and mental benefits of being active – with the theme ‘Your Health is For Life’. Last year, an estimated 11 million people were active on National Fitness Day.

Your health is for longer than a brief moment in time. Health should be an investment in mental well-being, nutrition, recovery, and physical activity. National Fitness Day creates an opportunity to engage your audience in starting a health journey as opposed to just one day of being active.

How do I get involved? Open day for a complimentary session at your gym? Ask your community to bring a friend? Put on a fitness event or fun run? This is an excellent opportunity to teach your community how important it is to be active and show them the premium service you offer. This will be the most active day of the year. It is a great way to engage new people through your doors and promote the opportunities or initiatives you offer in your community.

To thank our Quoox community for being part of this fantastic event. We have assembled a FREE pack of resources available to all our customers. It also includes a step-by-step guide on setting up an event and attaching the right automation for the marketing resources. To get all this information, raise a ticket.

Let’s recap the three main reasons to get involved:
1) Gain LEADS
2) FREE Campaigns, nurture programmes and marketing materials.
3) For national HEALTH

Together, let's get more people, more active, more often.
Don’t forget to tag all your successes with @QuooxGMS and @FitnessDayUK, and use #FitnessDay and #YourHealthIsForLife.
Written by Megan Westrope.


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