17 July 2023

Quoox and ukactive Strategic Partnership

Together improving the health of the nation.

ukactive is a non-profit organisation formed to improve the health of the nation by getting more people, more active, more often. Partnerships with ukactive vary from a broad range of organisations, all supporting their vision and having a role to play in achieving their goal. Quoox officially became a strategic partner with ukactive in 2023, and starting this relationship is a mark of our commitment towards delivering against our shared goals.

Quoox was not only created for gym owners but always with their member’s wellness in mind. We are committed to improving the nation's health through delivering market-leading innovations and tools to engage the end user and support their wellness journey. At Quoox, we provide the tools for long-lasting member retention because the longer they stay in your gyms, the more active they are.

Quoox has developed and continues developing a range of features specifically designed for the end user’s health journey. Starting with the detailed member profiles for all staff to access. Gym owners can track insights of their activity inside and outside of the gym as they automatically upload from Myzone or Fitbit. All forms or questionnaires filled out by their member will be stored in the profile. This allows any staff to relay back to their goals, motivations, and progress. We provide an internal message system that saves all messages from their member into their profile. Communications are so important when supporting your members. Quoox is leading in our advanced injury/medical features so that your gym can be accessible to everyone. Create a full medical profile to relay during your sessions that can be updated at any time or place.

We give gym owners the tools for their gyms to invest in their members’ wellness journey.

The end-user, the people who matter. We created a range of member features to support them throughout their health investment. We chose to integrate with Myzone and Fitbit as they are the leading technologies in fitness trackers. This means that members can access their insights and gym progress all in one place through a complex member portal and app.

Quoox created Fitfile for a better member experience and smoother wellness journey. Members can access all their documents and video content in one place. Upload recipes, nutrition packs, and workouts – continue their journey outside of the gym. They can track their weigh-ins, personal bests, and progress images for personal growth. The workout of the day feature was created so members can access 30 minutes of activity daily, even on non-gym days!

With Quoox supporting your business, watch your members achieve a healthier lifestyle. Quoox Ultimate was created for long-lasting member retention to get our nation more active. Remember, a wellness journey isn’t a 6-week fat-loss program.
Written by Megan Westrope.


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