16 October 2023

The red flags that tell you it's time to upgrade!

It’s essential not to ignore these red flags because they can save you time and money for a better member experience.

1. You are using more than one software and paying multiple fees.
If your fitness management software claims it's all-in-one, why are you paying extra fees to store leads? Or to run campaigns? Or to send branded emails? All-in-one should mean one payment and one software. Using multiple platforms can make processes “chunkier”. A morning routine of logging into multiple systems to manually carry over different pieces of information about your gym and leads –wastes everyone’s time. Or logging into Quoox, as your only system, to see an overall dashboard of everything that’s happened in the last 24 hours.

2. Cannot streamline member and lead journeys.
If you cannot, from start to finish, create a smooth sailing journey, that's a red flag. From the moment you capture a lead, they should be stored, nurtured, and communicated within the same system. To then add a membership and utilise retention tools to aid your premium service. Your software should complement and support the customised journeys your member experiences in your fitness facility.

3. Your software doesn’t aid you with member drop-offs.
Does your system send you notifications when someone has missed a session? What about if they haven’t turned up for a week? Gym owners are so busy. Can you really rely on your memory of when a member came in last? You need to know the second a member drops off so you can check in on them and nurture them back onto their target fitness journey. Quoox provides reliability scores of members' attendance and sends your staff a notification if a member starts to drop off. From this, you can use our variety of nurture tools to keep them engaged and build that relationship back up.

4. Your software doesn’t analyse your business.
You need to know the complete inside out of your business. If your software shows you half the picture, it can cause massive admin strain on yourself. Quoox provides a 360 dashboard of the system and a whole feature dedicated to KPIs and metrics, complemented by members, employees, payments, sessions, and sift reports you can export.

5. No or limited support.
Are you waiting over three working days for support or in a different time zone to your software provider? Leaving your customers to fend for yourself is a big red flag. Quoox not only provides UK-based support with quick response times (on average, one hour), but we also provide business support services designed to remove pressure and provide extra support.
Written by Megan Westrope.


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