21 June 2024

Elevate 2024: Highlights and Insights from Day 1 at the Gym Mastery Theatre

Last week, Quoox had the incredible opportunity to attend and host our own space at Elevate 2024 at the London ExCeL. With the Gym Mastery Theatre hosting an array of inspiring talks and engaging activities, we were excited to share our industry insights with attendees. Here's a look back at our experience and the highlights of Day 1 at the Gym Mastery Theatre.

Event Overview
With energy from start to finish. With over 5,000 attendees, Elevate was a hub of innovation and networking. The Gym Mastery Theatre featured a series of inspiring speeches from industry leaders and experts, each bringing unique perspectives and insights.

Our speakers, renowned for their achievements in the fitness industry, covered various topics, including Mental Health, Women’s Safety and the navigation of success, providing the audience with valuable knowledge and thought-provoking takeaways.

Attendees were captivated by the diverse range of subjects and the depth of expertise on display. Each speaker provided vital insights and actionable ideas, leaving everyone feeling motivated and ready to implement what they had learned into their facilities.

The Gym Mastery theatre offered a variety of engaging talks that addressed a host of thought-provoking topics for gym owners. The talk ‘A Finger on the Pulse’ hosted by the CEO & Founder of Gym Mastery, Chris Windram, offered practical tips and real-world examples that attendees could apply to their gyms. Another popular talk, ‘The Fitness Professionals Guide to Mental Health,’ provided a deep dive into the tools and techniques available to gym owners to support those during a difficult period.

Whether you were there to gain insights from industry leaders, build upon your existing knowledge, or network and discover best practices, the Gym Mastery Theatre had something for everyone.

Chris Windram - C.E.O & Founder of Quoox & Gym Mastery
“Elevate is known for being one of the industry’s best annual events, and 2024 proved to be a cracker of a year. We were honoured to be able to host some amazing speakers and panellists on the Gym Mastery stage. Feedback was amazing, and we have had lots of requests to share our knowledge and insights further.”

Closing Thoughts
Day 1 at Elevate 2024 was a resounding success, filled with insightful talks, dynamic interactions, and enthusiasm from everyone involved. The Gym Mastery Theatre was a main point of learning and inspiration, providing attendees with practical strategies and fresh perspectives to take back to their own facilities. We were thrilled to engage with so many dedicated fitness professionals and witness the lively discussions sparked by our speakers. 

Written by Daniel Cutler.


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