24 June 2024

Elevate 2024: Highlights and Insights from Day 2 at the Gym Mastery Theatre

Day 2 of Elevate 2024 at the London ExCeL continued to build on the excitement and momentum from Day 1. Quoox hosted the Gym Mastery Theatre again, featuring another series of inspiring talks and thought-provoking discussions. Here’s a look back at our experience and the highlights of Day 2 at the Gym Mastery Theatre.

Event Overview 
With the same vibrant energy from the previous day, Day 2 saw an impressive turnout of fitness professionals and enthusiasts. The Gym Mastery Theatre was once again a central hub for innovation and knowledge-sharing. Our speakers, experts in their respective fields, delivered powerful presentations on various topics that are crucial for today's gym owners and fitness professionals. 

Engaging Talks 
The day started with Jessica Pitts-Brennan's session on "Operational Superiority: Reduce Attrition, Increase Profitability," which offered practical strategies for improving gym operations. This was followed by Keith Smith's talk on "The Human Experience: Considerations for the Gym Floor," which delved into creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all gym members. 

In the afternoon, Alina Cooper inspired attendees with her session, "Make Your Dream of Opening a Gym/Studio a Reality," providing actionable advice for aspiring gym owners. The day concluded with a panel discussion, "Inside a Gym Owner’s Mind: Sharing Secrets of Success," featuring Rez Barad, Rory O'Donovan, Abi Durrant, and Lucy Thomson, who shared their journeys and insights into achieving success in the fitness industry and what success looked like to them. 

Thoughts from Jessica Pitts-Brennan - Director of Customer Experience - Quoox
“Another day with loads of information for our gym owners to take away. There was a trend in the conversations being had and the education our speakers were giving during their talks, which was understanding your VALUE, stop comparing your gym and services to others, as people are buying from you, and because of you. Not only did we have some amazingly inspiring and entertaining speakers, they also have exclusive content that you can access off the back of their talks too, which I would highly recommend getting your hands on if you’re opening a new facility, or even if you’re wondering how to better your existing one.“ 

Closing thoughts - Day 2
Day 2 at Elevate 2024 was another remarkable day filled with insightful talks, meaningful interactions, and a strong sense of community among attendees. The Gym Mastery Theatre continued to serve as a beacon of learning and inspiration, providing actionable strategies and new perspectives that attendees could take back to their gyms and studios. We are excited to see the continued impact of the ideas shared and look forward to what the future holds!
Written by Daniel Cutler.


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