Subscription Agreement

Your agreement in plain English terms

What am I subscribing to?
You are entering into a subscription agreement for the Quoox Alchemy products listed in your subscription schedule.

Who is providing the service?
The Alchemy products are provided by us, Quoox Ltd, whose head office is Innovation Centre, Knowledge Gateway, Boundary Road, Colchester, CO4 3ZQ, United Kingdom.

How do I pay?
You pay for the service monthly in advance, by direct debit, credit card or debit card. However you pay, you must have a current credit card or debit card registered with us.

The costs of the Alchemy products are set out in your subscription schedule and, unless the schedule says otherwise, are shown before VAT or other taxes are added.

Is there a setup cost?
If any of the products you are subscribing to have a setup cost, this will be specified in your subscription schedule. Where applicable, you must pay any setup fees and the first subscription payment before your Alchemy product(s) are made available to you.

Are there any additional costs?
Unless your subscription schedule says otherwise, your only other cost will be the cost of text messages you send to or receive from your members. These are charged at cost + 1p per ‘message block’. A message block is up to 160 characters (including spaces).

We charge you for text messages monthly in arrears (for the messages already sent or received), or when the total cost of all messages sent and received is £50.

How long does the subscription last and what are my cancellation rights?
Your subscription term is 12 months, starting on the date that you subscribe to our services.

You can cancel the subscription, without having to pay anything, within 14 days of your subscription starting, as long as you haven’t logged in to the Quoox software. Once you have logged in for the first time, you are committed to the full subscription term.

After you have logged in to the Quoox software, you can cancel the service before the end of the subscription term, but you must continue to pay your subscription for the full term. You can do this by continuing to make the monthly payments, or by paying the remaining monthly subscriptions as a lump sum.

At the end of the subscription term, your agreement will continue from month to month and you can cancel or downgrade your subscription by giving 30 days’ notice in writing. (The notice must be given by the owner or a director of your company.)

How is the Alchemy content delivered?
If you have subscribed to an Alchemy product that provides resources (such as SGPT Infinity; Engage or Mindhealth), the content is delivered through the Quoox software. This software is included as part of your subscription.

You cannot receive Alchemy content in any way other than through the Quoox software. However, while your subscription agreement is in force you can copy and use Alchemy content in another software platform of your choosing.

How can I use the Alchemy content I receive during my subscription?
You can use any of the Alchemy content you have subscribed to with either your staff or your members. The content is licensed to you for you to use during your subscription.

You cannot use the content for any business other than that named in the subscription schedule. You cannot use, sell or distribute any of the Alchemy content beyond that business.

Can I continue to use the Alchemy content after my subscription has ended?
No, your right to use the Alchemy content ends when your subscription ends. At this point you will lose access to the Quoox software, and you must delete and stop using any content you have in your possession.

What happens if I am late in paying, or cannot pay, my subscription?
If you know you will not be able to pay a subscription, please contact us so that we can agree a payment plan with you. You should phone us on 01206 806 140 or email [email protected].

If you do not agree a payment plan with us, and we have not been able to take the direct debit or the payment from your card, we will charge an administration fee each further time we try to collect the payment. We will also charge interest on the money you owe.

If we do not receive a payment within 14 days of the date it was due, we will suspend your access to the Quoox software. If we still have not received the payment within 30 days of the due date, we will end your subscription agreement but you will still owe the subscriptions for the remaining subscription term.

How do I get support for the Quoox service or my Alchemy content?
We provide a comprehensive support website which will answer most of your questions. This includes FAQs and many step-by-step and guidance videos.
If your question is not answered by the FAQs on our website, you can request support through the Quoox software. Our help desk team will respond within one working day (often much sooner).

Only your ‘authorised contacts’ can ask for support through the Quoox software. Your business can nominate two authorised contacts at a time.

Who is responsible for providing support to my members?
You are responsible for providing any support your members need when they use the mobile app or FitnessHub member site. However, you will probably find that your members will need little to no support as the app and member site are very easy to use.

Is my data safe and kept confidential?
We use ‘best-practice’ security and confidentiality processes. It is also your responsibility to make sure that you keep your log-in details confidential, and that each staff member has their own separate log in.

Is the Quoox system always available?
From time to time (although rarely) we may need to take the system offline for a short period to carry out maintenance. Except in an emergency or unforeseen situation, we will tell you about the maintenance well in advance and try to carry it out during off-peak times, such as overnight.

Am I allowed to create my own version of Quoox or Alchemy content?
The Quoox and Alchemy content are both protected by copyright law, patents, trademarks and other legal protections. You must not develop or provide commercial content similar to ours while you have a subscription for any Alchemy product, and during the 12 months following the end of your subscription.

Can I hold you responsible for any losses suffered by my business?
No, we will not be liable for any kind of loss suffered by your business or any individual person.

Can you end the subscription agreement early?
We can end your subscription early if your business becomes insolvent (unable to pay its debts), stops trading, or breaks the subscription agreement. In these circumstances, you must immediately pay the total of the remaining subscription payments for the full subscription term.

Are there any restrictions on what content I can store or send out through the Quoox system?
You must not store any content that would be considered illegal within the Quoox system. Also, you must not upload any pornographic or offensive content to the Quoox system. This includes nude body shots and images of children.

You must not send out unsolicited emails, text messages or push notifications (messages that pop up on mobile devices) through the Quoox software, and must keep to all spam, data-protection and privacy rules.

Do I need any additional services to be able to use the Quoox software?
The only other service you need is a payment account with Stripe. This account will be a direct relationship between your business and Stripe. Stripe will charge you transaction fees for any payments you make to us through the Stripe payment network.

What do I do if I have a complaint?
If you have a complaint, please phone us on 01206 806 140 or email [email protected]. Our help desk team will then deal with your concern and refer it to our management if necessary.

We expect you to speak with our team in the same respectful and polite way they speak to you.

Where can I find more details of my agreement?
You can ask us for the full Quoox terms and conditions, which are governed by and interpreted in line with English law. These add further details to the conditions summarised in this document.


Last updated: 23 May 2022

Plain English Crystal Mark

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