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Everything you need to become the best small group training gym in your area
We are a community of successful gym owners looking to improve their fitness business. As a subscriber to SGPT Infinity, we bring you together and share current industry best in practice, trends, what is working right now, and what is coming next in the fitness industry.


Every week you check-in with your dedicated account manager to make any adjustments to your system, processes, and workflow to ensure you get the very best results for your small group training business.


Imagine everyone on your team as a "sales master", trained in such areas as objection handling, upselling, selling on the phone. With the SGPT Infinity monthly sales training, your training gym will no longer rely on just you to do all the selling.


Gym management training providing proven successful methods to bring systems and processes into your business.

Move from "owning a job" to being a business owner.


Every SGPT Infinity subscription includes business coaching from a renowned business coach. What’s next for your business and life? Every month you will receive coaching to make sure you are keeping to the plan and that you meet your 12-month goals.


A live in-person event, where you spend the day with other owners planning the next 90-days for your business. The agenda covers goal setting, marketing campaigns, staff training, exercise programming -everything to ensure your gym reaches its potential.
"Our account manager knows our business inside-out. It’s like having another employee on the team."

Gemma Taylor - Owner, PowerBurn

If you are ready to take your small group personal training gym to the next level, schedule a call with one of our industry experts.

Harness the power of gym management software designed to meet your specific needs.
If you thought cutting edge technology was for big budget gyms, then it’s time to think again!

At the core of SGPT Infinity is the powerful Quoox GMS gym management software, which was designed for the ground-up specifically for small group training gyms like yours.

Our system enables you to implement powerful workflow automations, systems, and processes in your gym that will elevate you from good to the best gym in your area.

The icing on the cake? We set up the whole system for you, tailoring it to your facility's specific needs!
Barrie Mark Scougal - Barrie Mark Personal Training
"...a night-and-day difference compared to all of the systems we’ve ever used. You can tell that everything has been built by people who know the fitness business inside-out."


Owner of BMPT | Owner of FLFUP

New member leads

Leads are the lifeblood of a SGPT gym. No matter how good you are at keeping your members, there will always be an element of attrition.

With your SGPT Infinity subscription you get...


Marketing campaigns including Facebook ads & landing pages that speak to your target audience - all completely branded.


When you get a response to your Facebook advert, an immediate, automated process kicks-in to nurture & engage with your new lead.


Increase your conversion success and distribute the sales process across your team, maximising your conversion rate & upsells.
If you are using an introductory method for new members, such as a 28-day trial, SGPT Infinity will deliver everything that you need to maximise your trail conversions into high-value, paying members.
  • Scott Britton - Battle Cancer and Move Forward Gym

    Scott Britton

    Founder, Battle Cancer | Owner, Move Forward Gym
    "At Battle Cancer and Move Forward we are attempting to change how fitness spaces help some of the most vulnerable people post cancer treatment. This system allow us to provide a truly revolutionary approach to returning people both to mental and physical strength.”
  • Ollie Marchon - MARCHON - The PFCA

    Ollie Marchon

    Owner, MARCHON | Owner, The PFCA
    "Quoox allows us to keep on top of and in touch with our clients. Since we implemented the system, everything within our business has accelerated..."
  • Joe O Connor - Nisus Fitness

    Joe O'Connor

    Owner, Nisus Fitness
    "...has given me more time to work with my clients, members, and team. It is the solution that allowed me to go hybrid with my gym, and one of the best decisions I've made in 15 years."

Are you ready to join the community of like-minded, small group training gyms working on successfully growing their businesses?


A weight off your shoulders...

Running a small group training gym is all about focusing on the community, customer service and maintaining excellent standards across the whole product delivery - which means you, as a gym owner, have to spin a lot of plates.

With SGPT Infinity & Quoox GMS in your arsenal, here are a just a few of the aspects of running your business that you will no longer have to worry about:


SGPT Infinity provides you with an extensive range of sessions & programs, including functional workouts; circuits; gym challenges; event workouts; team builders; warm ups; recovery sessions and more.

All of our sessions are written not only for your staff to use with your members, but also to be delivered to your members online as either part of their membership, for when they are away on holiday or business, or in between sessions. You you can even set up a whole new online training business!

All sessions are linked to our included exercise video library in Quoox GMS, so you and your staff can always be confident of providing the same high-standard of training, delivered in a consistent fashion.


With a tonne of delicious and healthy recipes automatically branded as your own, provide your members with sustainable, engaging diet plans; cook books; Friday-night "Fakeaways" treats; nourishing smoothies; and more - all delivered in a way that builds community.


A comprehensive member website that complements the Quoox members' mobile app. Through this single, cohesive portal, your members can engage with you and consume all of their membership content in one, easy-to-use site.


Writing engaging newsletters & blog posts can be tedious and time-consuming! Stay in touch with your members via engaging emails & web posts that your members will be interested in, written by the Alchemy team in "your voice" - and ready to be delivered directly from your management system.


SGPT Infinity includes seasonal campaigns to help you attract new members, and upsell popups (such as summer bootcamps) to your existing clients - helping maximise your yield. Campaigns include landing pages, sign-up forms, payment processes, automated follow-ups, plus ready-to-go Facebook/Meta posts.


Pre-configured waiver forms; membership contracts; member check-ins; and surveys - all written for you, and sent as part of powerful automated workflows within the Quoox GMS system - along with automated response handling & "critical exception" notifications.


Available only to SGPT Infinity subscribers, our branding options enable you to use your own domain name for your members site and also for outgoing emails - all provided in a manner that is secure and complies with the latest industry best-practices.
Valuable new resources ready for you to use are provided monthly. These are previewed at the SGPT Infinity 90-day planning event.

We encourage all Alchemy community members to attend the quarterly planning event as this is a fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded facility owners, and to ensure that your business remains on track to meet your 12-month goals.

A unique fusion of small group training business expertise & technical excellence, SGPT Infinity is designed to maximise your business.

    Move Forward Gym
    Barrie Mark Personal Training
    Eat Train Live
  • BOX12 Fitness
    Training for Warriors
    Nisus Fitness
  • Billy Stanley Fitness
    Body Transformation Centre
    London Krav Maga
    Rocky Fitness

SGPT Infinity is part of Quoox Alchemy...



Quoox provides the system, resources, and practical advice & support that gym owners need to operate a profitable, "high ticket" membership, small-group training gym. Discover the ultimate "SGPT toolkit".
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