8 December 2023

Introducing Quoox's QuikPay Payment Links

The December update to Quoox brings with it a new feature in the form of "QuikPay Payment Links" for Quoox Ultimate users, along with some minor amendments/enhancements for users of our legacy editions.

Introducing QuikPay Payment Links

Quoox's QuikPay links provide gyms with a quick, easy and, most importantly, secure way of taking ad hoc payments from either leads or members. These payments are independent of any other process, and so may be used for anything from a Christmas Party Deposit, to the payment for a consultation.

Handle first membership payment offline

Some fitness gyms have a process whereby they handle the first payment of a new membership, with ongoing (recurring) payments being handled by Quoox in the usual way.

Previously, this would need to be handled by creating the membership with an initial nil cost and then editing it for the ongoing payments. Whilst being a bit tedious, this also threw KPIs & Metrics out - as the first payment wasn't recorded.

This release adds a new option to the "add membership" flow whereby, for memberships that start immediately, a new checkbox of "the first payment will be taken using a method external to Quoox" is provided.

Offline first payment for memberships

When this box is checked, the joining fee and first payment will be assumed to be taken offline and Quoox will not automatically take the payment.

Quoox will still generate the invoice and record the transaction - ensuring that KPIs & Metrics remain correct.

The payment method will be set to the one chosen during setup for any & all subsequent (recurring) payments against the membership.

Reminder: If you setup the payment method as "Credit/Debit Card" and the member subsequently adds a Direct Debit to their account, the Direct Debit will be charged in favour of the payment card.

Simplification of credit & PAYG costs

As previously advised, this release includes a simplification and standardisation to the way in which session credit and PAYG costs are specified.

Wait Spinner

Whilst most of the global population knows that closing a browser whilst a payment is being processed is not a good move, roughly one person a month still seems to do it!

Therefore, we have further evolved the payment processes in Quoox (and FitnessHub) such that, in addition to the "big red message", a "Please Wait" spinner is now also displayed across the screen.

Hopefully this will reduce the occurrences of this to just one every few months!

Written by Chris Windram.


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