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Founded and owned by industry legend Jon Bullock, Krav Maga Elite is the premiere Krav Maga Academy in the south of England, based in Battlesbridge, Essex.
Jon Bullock - Mousery Global Enterprises Inc


Owner, Krav Maga Elite
Watch how Jon transitioned his highly respected Krav Maga facility by pivoting to Quoox, enabling him to operate more effectively and maximising student retention.
Jon Bullock had long been using MindBody Online to run his business. He migrated after seeing how the system would enable him to consolidate his multiple subscriptions.
Like many martial arts businesses, Krav Maga Elite offers sessions for children as well as adults.

Flexible scheduling & memberships enable the facility to provide sessions for Krav Maga’s Titans; Juniors; Teens, and Adults, whilst easily managing & controlling session eligibility.

Quoox’s families feature provides for effortless management of family groups, removing the headaches of managing child payments through an adult parent member. Communications for children may either be routed to a parent (for younger children), or directly to the child (for teens). Staying abreast of multiple family accounts is made easy for parents via Quoox’s customisable FitnessHub member site, or the Quoox mobile app. Parents may readily interact on the child’s behalf and see at a glance when family members are booked in.

Standing out from the crowd

Through his considered use of Quoox's 200+ features, Jon ensures that Krav Maga Elite remains one of the country's finest martial arts facilities.

Combining Personal Bests with BodyHops enables Krav Maga Elite to record and celebrate grading/belt achievements, supported by a timestamped photo of the occasion within the student's personal profile. A brief video of congratulations from their mentor (sent to their personal profile FitFlix® video library) reinforces the member's sense of belonging and community, and that continues to make Krav Maga Elite the standout centre within the South East of England.

Quoox's Campaign functionality provides Krav Maga Elite the ability to create engaging marketing campaigns. Jon has used this, alongside Quoox's Nurturing features to facilitate notouch sign-ups - offering trial sessions, which are transacted & booked without any direct contact from the facility.
Quoox also provides automated reachouts to those who do not complete the trial sign-up session process, to encourage them to book their first session.

Quoox's real-time key performance indicator (KPI) dashboard provides Jon with deep insight into his business and student's activities. One element of this is member geo-coding. An interactive map drops a pin for each student, allowing Jon to see an aerial overview of the physical location of his clients, along with the average distance of each student from the facility.

Using the rich insights delivered by Quoox, Jon is not only able to target his adverts effectively, but also to see clear opportunities for growth - both through visualisation of class usage, and through regional expansion.
Krav Maga Elite - Battlesbridge
It takes a lot for me to move software platforms, but Quoox offered me what I needed and so much more. Our club now has much better systems, and we can deliver so much more value to our members.

Since using the system we've been able to streamline our member processes, get accurate information regarding our financials, stay on top of issues surrounding retention of students, and deliver content to our member via the app. It has made a huge difference to our business.

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