"I would highly recommend this powerful solution for operating your online, hybrid, or in-person fitness business..."
Based in Chelmsford, Essex, Unique Results exists to provide a supportive, passionate community for men and women. Their mission is to help their members unlock their potential and feel healthy, look healthy and be healthy with fun, like minded people
James St Pierre - Unique Results


Owner, Unique Results
Finding themselves paying for multiple different subscriptions, and having been a MindBody customer for 8 years, Unique Results migrated across. They have never looked back...
James St. Pierre founded Unique Results in 2007 and has grown it to be one of the premiere facilities in the East of England.

The ethos at Unique Results is one of excellent small-group, class-based, and 1-2-1 training, delivered in a service-focussed community environment.

Looking to progress from using multiple disjointed platforms, James was referred to Quoox by an existing customer. The timing coincided with the first COVID lockdown, and the essential pivot to online training.
Quoox’s live and on-demand features enabled UR to move online with little effort. Quoox handles all of the "backend" setup, meaning that James’ team could focus on coaching rather than administration.

Having originally moved due to frustrations with payments, James has since discovered the wealth of benefits that Quoox’s 200+ features bring to his facility.

Now able to run and grow his business from a single, cohesive platform, James has the time to focus on broader business decisions, without getting drawn into the minutæ.
Unique Results SGPT facility
Unique Results Personal Training
Unique Results Group Workout
I had been a user of Mindbody online for approx 8 years for my training business.
In that time I had been largely happy with the service & the product but when the pandemic hit in March 2020 I was very unhappy with some of the actions and policies put in place by the merchant services collectors they were linked to and decided to look for another solution.

I was also aware that I was paying for lots of separate monthly subscriptions for software providers to take care of different parts of my business.

Different subscriptions for: Bookings; Newsletters; Email marketing; Nutrition; Online training. A friend of mine had recommended Quoox to me a few months prior and now that I was actively looking to switch I decided to check it out more thoroughly.

We switched over to Quoox in June of 2020 and have never looked back.

The transition was smooth and well managed by the tech team. Not only has it allowed us to reduce our monthly subscriptions to other software systems (because Quoox does so much) throughout Lockdown it has integrated our Zoom sessions for members seamlessly through an easy to use client facing app.

The payment management is fantastic and easy to use and understand. All in all Quoox provides me with a better, all encompassing service & product at a lower cost.

The support with Quoox is brilliant, always fast and thorough and communication is fantastic as well.

I would highly recommend Quoox as a full & powerful solution to manage your fitness business both online & as a physical venue/ premises.

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