Case Study: Barrie Mark Personal Training

The Barrie Mark Personal Training Centre in Carlisle is one of the finest small group & 1-to-1 gyms in the north of England. Founder, Barrie Mark Scougal, chose Quoox to manage his operation. Find out more…

“You can tell that Quoox has been built by people who know the business inside-out.” – Barrie Mark Scougal

An uncompromising commitment to service

There are few within the UK fitness industry who won’t be familiar with the name Barrie Mark Scougal. His name synonymous with a commitment to delivery of the highest quality of personal & small group training, combined with a dedication to customer service.

After 14 years in the fitness industry, BMPT found that it was outgrowing its previous management system. It had started to become clunky and issues with reliability were on the increase.

Having been on the lookout for a replacement, Barrie Mark discovered Quoox in April 2020. He was drawn to the product due to it having been created by experienced gym owners. It is this intimate knowledge of what facility owners require to successfully and efficiently operate their businesses that is at the heart of every part of Quoox.

Barrie’s insistence on providing his members the very best service was complimented by Quoox’s support offering – with most tickets being responded to (and often resolved) within an hour of being raised.

Since implementation, Quoox has saved Team BMPT both time and money – enabling them to replace multiple disjointed software systems with the one, cohesive platform.

Over a year later, Quoox continues to innovate, further streamlining more of Team BMPT’s systems & processes.

A true 24×7 operation

Multiple lockdowns have done little to hamper Barrie Mark’s operation, with their website stating “BMPT Online open 24/7 with streamed, recorded and live sessions 7 days a week whenever you want them”.

Quoox’s built-in integration with Zoom® & Myzone® have enabled Barrie Mark to deliver effective online sessions, combined with the dynamic engagement of MZ-Remote. Quoox takes care of all of the Zoom and Myzone configuration behind the scenes, making the process effortless.

Built for success

Barrie Mark knows what it takes to run a successful business and, for him, being able to track key performance metrics is a key element of maximising his business’ profitability.

Prior to Quoox, Team BMPT were having to perform all of their statistical analysis in spreadsheets, which was time-consuming; cumbersome; and often prone to errors or omissions.

Quoox’s powerful KPIs & Metrics functionality provided the perfect solution, largely eradicating the need for manual data entry, and with key metrics always being available and up-to-date any minute of the day. Furthermore, the KPIs available within Quoox go far beyond anything that was previously available to Team BMPT.

Quoox is a night-and-day difference compared to the systems we’ve ever used.” – Barrie Mark Scougal

Deliver more…

  • FitnessHub is Quoox’s in-built member web portal, through which they may access all of their core membership content & resources.
  • Message Centre provides a single, central place where Team BMPT may send & receive emails, text messages and push notifications – ensuring no message ever goes unanswered.
  • FitFlix® is Team BMPT’s wellness channel, delivering engaging video on-demand content to members.
  • Nurturing sequences provide a wealth of ways for Team BMPT to deliver content with minimal effort.
  • Plus over 200 other features…

A full fitness business management solution, Quoox is far more than just a “bookings & payments” platform.

Not only increasing efficiency for Team BMPT, Quoox has also brought a better member experience – with members able to easily access resources through one central login.

“The Quoox support team have been crash hot from day-1, which is really important for us gym owners. We got our members to rate the system out of 10, and not a single person rated it under 9.” – Barrie Mark Scougal