Case Study: PowerBurn

Discover why one of the founder members of today’s professional strong women movement chose Quoox to operate her small group and 1-to-1 personal training business “PowerBurn” – using it to deliver engaging content to her members, both online and in-person.

Quoox is the software that I have been looking for, for 10 years!” – Gemma Taylor

Unicorns do exist!

Having founded PowerBurn in 2008, Gemma Taylor has tried & experienced more fitness industry software solutions than most. With Myzone® being a critical tool in the facility’s service delivery, she again set about seeking a management solution that was not only tightly integrated, but that would serve PowerBurn’s needs both now and well into the future. It was on this quest that Gemma discovered Quoox.

PowerBurn are the epitome of a modern training facility, offering a hybrid of both online and in-person training. This is supported by a full 360° approach to wellness – encompassing nutrition, community, and mind health training.

It was Quoox’s extensive integration with Myzone, enabling the effortless delivery of live MZ-Remote sessions with Zoom (all
configured “no-touch”) that sparked Gemma’s initial interest. She then discovered that she had barely scratched the surface of Quoox’s abilities, and that she had finally unearthed the elusive “software unicorn” that was the perfect match for her business model – enabling her to deliver every aspect of her planned offering to her members.


Quoox’s FitnessHub™ members web-portal complements the mobile app. It provides one central place where members may book & join sessions, as well as access the rich array of resources that PowerBurn deliver through Quoox – including FitFlix® videos; on-demand XRcize® sessions; personalised diet plans & nutritional information; and much more.

FitnessHub™ delivers members a fully branded, streamlined experience – and provides an enjoyable experience for less tech-savvy members.

“Having tried many different software solutions for the fitness industry, we were not looking forward to the on-boarding process, but Quoox made it so easy. Our account manager was with us every step of the way and made everything very straightforward. He has been with us since the beginning and knows our business inside and out. It’s like having another employee on the team, who is there to help us out with technical support whenever we need…” – Gemma Taylor, Founder

A smooth customer journey

PowerBurn has embraced the extensive functionality that Quoox provides and, as a result, delivers a smooth, consistent journey to their facility members.

Starting with attraction, PowerBurn use Quoox’s engaging campaigns and lead management functions to attract new members. Pre-written templates may be easily customised to suit virtually any need using Quoox’s user-friendly “block builder”. PowerBurn’s marketing agency create their own bespoke campaigns directly within the product. One-click social media posting makes the distribution to Facebook & Twitter totally pain free.

Lead tracking enables PowerBurn to see the status of any lead. Intelligent, automated nurturing sequences ensure that leads & members remain engaged, and can deliver anything from documents (such as information about accessing the gym); videos (such as welcome videos); credits (a great well to up-sell); or other media, such as questionnaires, feedback forms, and push alerts.

Gone are the old-school spreadsheets of yesteryear where PowerBurn had to manually track rudimentary metrics, and these are now replaced by Quoox’s dynamic “always up-to-date” KPI’s & metrics.

Gemma and her team can see the status of the business at any point, and Quoox’s AI drop-off tracking raises the alarm if any member is starting to drift.

With all of PowerBurn’s core resources being delivered through Quoox (both through FitnessHub™ and the Quoox app), members have a consistent experience with one simple interface – rather than needing logins for multiple, disparate software systems.

Having the utmost care for their members, and with ethos of delivering the very highest level of customer service, Gemma and her coaches use Quoox to support all of their business goals. With a “unicorn” in their stable, they are positioned for growth and have an exciting future ahead of them.

In control

Prior to Quoox, PowerBurn operated a veritable smörgåsbord of different platforms in an attempt to cover their business needs. Consuming valuable time each week, they put up with it as it’s considered “normal” in the industry.

Quoox has not only saved PowerBurn time through better work flow, but also money due to needing less software.

Always evolving

Quoox was founded to meet the ever-evolving needs of the fitness industry. Its founders appreciate fully that the industry is in constant flux, and that it is critical that a facility’s software keep up with the needs of its customers.

With innovation at its very core, Quoox has already brought a number “firsts”, and it continues to lead the industry into a strong, vibrant future.

Quoox is like having a CRM, MMS, POS and e-mail marketing platform rolled into one. There are so many great features, and they’re adding more all the time!” – Gemma Taylor