Co-Founder: Chris Windram
Co-Founder: Ben Brand

About Quoox

With offices in the UK and the US, Quoox® was co-founded by Ben Brand & Chris Windram in 2018.  Quoox quickly established a loyal customer base in its territories of the UK, Ireland and United States, and will soon be expanding into Australia, Canada and beyond.

Quoox‘s mission is to:

Disrupt the status quo, to raise standards of service within the fitness industry through the provision of coherent, innovative tools & resources

With over 25-years respectively as a facility owner & trainer, and in architecting CRM and business management systems, Ben and Chris consolidated their respective skills to bring about the birth of the Quoox, next-generation gym and fitness studio management solution.

Quoox was born out of a desperate need for a comprehensive, turn-key CRM solution for the fitness industry. Rife with expensive legacy systems and bolt-on’s, resulting in complicated and disjointed business systems, there was a clear need for a simple, easy-to-use, affordable solution.

Whether your fitness business is a training gym; yoga centre; martial arts studio; or outside training, in-person and/or online, Quoox will help you attract new members; convert your leads; retain your clients for longer; and help your business thrive.

With our customer-centric focus, you are guaranteed the highest quality of customer service – matching and complimenting our cutting-edge product.