Lead Nurturing

With our automated lead nurturing functions, Quoox will ensure that you never miss an opportunity to engage with your leads.

Get to know your prospect

Quoox‘s sign-up questions enable you to collect valuable information during the lead capture process.

For example, you can ask them are you currently exercising? Do you presently belong to a gym? What are your health & fitness goals?

Ask as many questions, on any topic, as you like.

Lists auto created

Quoox will collect and collate every lead’s contact details – making it easy to see everything you need to know to convert them to a member, including their full campaign and booking history with you.

Our lead capture process also helps ensure your maintain GDPR compliancy.

Collect and collate your lead’s contact details

Automated reach-outs

Once your lead has registered, Quoox‘s automated SMS and/or email reach-outs will encourage that all-important booking.

Send as many texts and/or emails as you wish, timed from 1 minute to 1 year. You can send eBooks or other collateral to help get them through your front door.


Having got your prospect through your front door, and having wowed them with your service, Quoox makes their conversion to a member a simple, single click process.

Retain the full audit trail of communications with your lead; get them signed-up; take payment; and have them using the Quoox app to make their bookings within minutes.

Quoox is the next-generation fitness management software.

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