Curb Member Drop-off with Quoox

If a member has not been active in their app or booked a session for a while, they are more likely to cancel their membership.

Quoox includes a number of tools that make it easy to identify, address and reverse member drop-off.

Identify Inactive Members

Quoox‘s customisable drop-off widget shows you, at-a-glance on your dashboard, members that may be at risk of cancelling their memberships.

You choose the time-frame, after which members are considered to be “at risk”.

Review Member Activity

Quoox shows you when members were last in contact with your facility, when they last attended, and a full audit trail of any notes you have for them (E.g. off on holiday etc)

Member retention - Review member activity


Show your members that you care and, most importantly, encourage them back into your facility.

Reach-out by text or email, via the Quoox 2-way message centre. Send them an XRcize home workout, or drop an eBook into their app.

Back on it!

From alert to member recovery, done in under 60-seconds…

Quoox‘s drop-off mitigation process means that you keep members renewing, and maximise your retention rate.

Quoox is the next-generation fitness management software.

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