18 September 2023

Time? Gym Owners Have None.

Are you a Coach, Marketing Executive, Sales Manager, Accountant, and Business Owner in one? Not to mention all your family commitments; do you have a social life?

There is one thing gym owners all have in common. There is no denying their motivation and determination as business owners. After speaking to many of our customers, we know your day isn’t 9-5; realistically, it is 6-10. Sometimes, it’s hard to keep that up without inevitably leading to burnout. Therefore, Quoox was designed. Previously, gym owners’ day-to-day would be logging into five different accounts combined, costing them, on average, £1500 or gym scheduling, sales, mail, admin/finance, and marketing. We created the solution by combining your needs on one platform. But there is still more to do for our community…

While gym owners continuously spin plates, it is hard to analyse what’s on your plate in detail. Quoox now offers an overall business health check focusing on website and software diagnostics. Our mission is not only for gym owners’ success but for member wellness – as they go hand in hand. A wellness journey is for a lifetime; we want lifetime members at your facilities.

So, what has this got to do with your website and software? While you keep your business running and those plates spinning, we will explore your website functionality, member journeys and workflows. Our detailed report will give you focus and time back – to perfect all your systems. There are so many simple mistakes that can cause damage to your business. But usually, websites and software are put to the bottom of the pile. That’s why we are here because we want you to succeed.

The most common mistake gym owners make regarding their website can disrupt the flow of leads. This ends with them dropping off your website before they even enter their details. For example, have you checked all your link’s functionality, or are there hidden error 404 pages? Do you have a picture of a map on your website but no written address? Making it hard for people to find you. Is your website and member portal’s branding consistent?

What about your system workflows? How many systems are you paying for? Are you new to Quoox or an existing member? We will show you how the journeys in your head can be created in our software. Do you constantly feel on a wild goose chase for members’ progress or chasing their payments? Let our system tell you the information you need to know when you need to know it. The idea of our Quoox Health check is to work WITH gym owners to integrate the Quoox automation for a full lifecycle of members from a lead to a trialist and finally a legacy member.

Invest in your software, and it will invest in your business.

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Written by Megan Westrope.


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