Workflow Automations

Ease administration & increase member retention
The workflow automation component included in Quoox GMS Ultimate has been created to help small group training gyms maximise their member retention, reduce administration burden, and to deliver the very highest quality of service to their members.

The Quoox GMS workflow automations are a formidable "action engine" created using the technologies of the powerful Microsoft Azure platform, upon which the Quoox software has been created.

Automations are set in motion by the occurrence of user-definable "event triggers", for which there are dozens of "trigger points" embedded within the software platform.

When a trigger is "fired", the conditions that the user has defined for that event are then evaluated.  Should the conditions match, the actions defined by the user then take place.  Actions may be delayed or set for specific times of day, so as to obfuscate the presence of automation.

Quoox GMS has embedded within it dozens of different "trigger points". A few examples include:

  • Lead created
  • Lead appointment booked
  • Membership started
  • Membership ending
  • Session booked
  • Session attended
  • Myzone rank changed
  • Myzone move recorded
  • Sleep below x for y days
  • Activity below x for y days
  • Anniversary of joining
  • Payment failure
  • Running low on credits
  • Birthday
  • Message received
  • Direct debit cancelled
  • Payment card expiring
  • Attended their nth session
  • and loads more...

Each different event type is then configurable in a wealth of different ways, further focussing and tailoring the actions that occur.

Over 20 different actions may be assigned as the result of a matching trigger.  Actions may be stacked, timed, and also selected at random by Quoox GMS.  Available actions include:

  • Add a member tag
  • Assign a mentor
  • Block member bookings
  • Issue a credit pack
  • Send an email
  • Release a FitFlix video
  • Assign a form or questionnaire
  • Send an immersive email
  • Allocate a document
  • Assign a nurture program
  • Send a push alert
  • Raise a system alert
  • Schedule a call
  • Send a message to employee(s)
  • Set the journey point
  • Set the member status
  • Send an SMS message
  • Create a task or reminder
  • Assign an XRcize workout session

Combined together, the options presented by workflow automations are almost endless.

During several months of trials, Quoox's event triggers were shown to increase member engagement and boost membership renewals.

Supplemental to this functionality, as part of the Alchemy suite, comes Engage. This is a package comprising dozens of pre-written event triggers which are ready for immediate use. Additionally, as part of Engage, your Quoox account manager will further tailor the event triggers to your specific needs - enabling you & your members to benefit from these powerful automations with little-to-no setup effort.

Quoox GMS Ultimate is part of Alchemy and is available either stand-alone, or included within an Alchemy SGPT Infinity subscription.

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