Supercharge your Quoox subscription with further optional business boosting features.

2-way Message Centre & Broadcasts

SMS/Text; WhatsApp; Messenger; Email; Staff Phones; Just how many different platforms are your clients and members trying to get your attention on?!

How many important messages are getting missed, and members getting frustrated as a result?

Should you really be messaging clients at 10pm on a Saturday? Aren’t you entitled to time off?

Did one of your team send an accidental WhatsApp to a client at midnight on a Saturday?

Do you really want your staff to be collecting your client’s details on their personal phones? And what about GDPR and data compliance?

Should you be discussing personal details on open platforms? How do you track who has said what to which member?

Bring all of your communications into Quoox’s Message Centre and be in control. Never miss a message, and have a complete audit trail of all communication, 2-way text and email, with every member & lead.

With scheduled broadcasts you can create beautiful looking emails, and send them to your tribe in the future. Check open rates, and see
which bulk communications work best.

From just £4 per month

Campaigns and Lead Management

Quoox can provide you with a complete marketing suite – from lead generation; right the way through nurturing; to first/trial session and sign up.

You want to do it all no touch? No problem!

Build a campaign; nurture and sell the lead your membership; take payment and have them book their first session; enabling you to ensure your members are getting the best of you, your time in person.

No more jumping across multiple platforms, chasing leads on different software!

Build landing pages; post on Facebook; up-sell members; manage your leads; nurture your members; analyse your marketing performance; all within your Quoox platform.

From just £9 per month

KPIs & Metrics

Just like you track your clients’ (and your own) progress and results, let Quoox do the same for your business…

Our KPI’s & Metrics provide the deepest-dive into your business’s performance, something you can only get from our all-in-one systems approach.

KPIs include metrics vital to your growth & success of your fitness business, such as:

  • The most comprehensive financial detailing;
  • A complete member avatar, including an interactive map that pins where your members live, and shows the average distance your average member lives form your facility – vital for those Facebook ads;
  • Quoox even provides such detail as average body fat percentage of your average member!
  • Review the performance of your schedule, see which sessions are the most and least popular;
  • Plus many more KPI’s and metrics for your business.

We have customers who have gone on to open successful new facilities based upon the analysis KPI’s & Metrics was able to provide them.

What might you be missing, and how much could KPIs help your fitness business?

From just £4 per month

Xero Integration

No more end of the month accountancy spreadsheet dramas! Save time and money with your bookkeeping.

Quoox’s Xero integration ensures all of your transactions are automatically accounted for within your records without you having to manually fill in any spreadsheets and check every transaction made.

From just £2 per month