Just like you transform the lives of your clients, Quoox can transform your business.

How many times have you been explaining your services with a potential new member, and all they want to know is the price…?

Comparing the level of service you provide your members with to the equipment rental box gym down the road can be frustrating.

We get it.

Comparing us to a simple scheduling and payment CRM is exactly the same. Instead, compare us to:

  • Scheduling and payment CRM
  • Marketing Software
  • Book Keeper
  • Rota Software
  • Communications Software
  • On-demand Software

And you are starting to get a better comparison.

Add in a few other things we provide you with, plus the time it takes you to operate on different software platforms, and you will start to understand why our customers love us!

Quoox will not only save you time and money, Quoox will make you time and money! But don’t just take our world for it, in the words of Joe O’Connor, owner of Nisus Fitness in Ireland:

Quoox has given me more time to work with my clients, members and team. I am no longer bogged down in the complexities of multiple software platforms.”.

In all likelihood, you have at least two or three (if not more) systems that you are using to manage your facility. Quoox aims to replace all of these with one system, and one price.

With literally no other product on the market delivering what Quoox does, it’s hard to compare.

£199 per month*

That’s it. Period.

One flat monthly price. First month free. No tiers. No bolt-on’s. No strings. No commitments. No BS.

* Price excludes tax. SMS text messages are charged at cost, monthly in arrears (approx. 4.9p per SMS unit)

Quoox‘s easy switch gives you…

  • Live, local customer support
  • One-on-one consultations
  • Member data migration
  • Step-by-step setup guide

Competitor Price: £109
(Contract Price)

The absolute basics that you need to scrape by.

Competitor Price: £209
(Contract Price)

But you also want to group your members and send them emails…

Competitor Price: £309
(Contract Price)

Oh, and you want to do a bit of marketing…

Competitor Price: £479
(Contract Price)

What? You would like your own branding in the mobile app?

Competitor Price: $US49
(Contract Price)

And now you’d like to go digital without having to manually schedule online meetings…

Competitor Price: $US350
(Contract Price)

You wish to train an unlimited number of clients, with on-demand and live-stream video.

Competitor Price: Nope! Unique to Quoox

You need to stay abreast of your member’s needs; store their records; and keep them engaged.

Competitor Price: Not offered
(Contract Price)

Staff shifts, linked to your schedule; GPS clock-in; Holidays & absences; Rota management.

Competitor Price: Not offered

Two-way SMS and E-mail communications; Full audit-trail; GDPR compliance; Professional, dedicated branding and number.

Competitor Total: approx £900pm, with many features missing!

With Quoox, you get everything for just £299 £199 per month. End of.