Pay for what you need,
not what you don't

Our pricing structure has been created to support the business of fitness. Pay for Quoox Core based on your number of members*, and add bolt-ons to “power-up” your Quoox subscription if and when you need to!

The Quoox core product includes a vast number of features to help you operate your facility effectively & profitably, whilst delivering the highest quality of service to your members.

Your first month is free!

And not only that, we provide you with unlimited support to get you started to ensure you’re set up to get the full potential out of Quoox, and your facility!

Your minimum commitment is just 3-months, after your first free month.  In the unlikely event that you decide within the first month that Quoox isn’t right for you, you can cancel without any penalty.

Bolt-on's to POWER UP your subscription

You can further supercharge your Quoox subscription with several, optional, business-boosting features:

As with our core pricing, the cost for these add-ons is based upon your member base.

Check out our pricing calculator to see how cost effective Quoox is for your facility.

Quoox offers an additional, optional, Setup Assistance Service, which is perfect for those facilities looking for us to get more involved in the initial configuration and setup of your system.

* No hidden extras

We don’t do “hidden extras” at Quoox.  Your subscription is paid monthly, with the cost calculated upon the maximum number of members you had with access to the Quoox platform within the previous month.  Our pricing model has been designed to be fair, and so that we can make the complete Quoox product available to facilities of every budget.

The only additional cost beyond your subscription fee is for SMS message sending. We do not make our clients to pre-buy expensive SMS credit packs.  Instead, we simply charge SMS messages sent in arrears.  If you spend more than £50 on SMS messages in a month (most clients don’t), then an interim charge will be made.  You only ever pay for what you have used.  SMS messages are charged at 4.9p per text unit (160 characters)

Your subscription comes with full support by way of our support website and extensive video help library.  Additionally, our UK-based help desk team are here to support you for any additional questions you may have.

All subscriptions come with unlimited help desk queries during the first month, and then one inclusive ‘ticket’ every 30-rolling days.  Additional tickets may be raised at a nominal charge (see rate cards below), and will be free if they are a “how to” question not answered in our knowledge base, or a problem caused by the Quoox system.

We also offer additional, chargeable, “remote assist” services and also support contracts that provide a higher inclusive 30-day ticket count. To help you gauge your likely usage beyond the first month, most Quoox customers raise 1-2 enquiry tickets within a 6-month period – with many not needing to raise any at all!

Everything else that you might want to know

If you are struggling to sleep at night, our full Terms & Conditions are available here.

Also available are our full rate cards, detailing all pricing:   UK rate card   •   US rate card

All prices quoted exclude VAT or sales tax.  VAT is presently applicable to UK customers only.
Customers in the US are billed in US dollars as per the US rate card, and all other customers are charged in Pounds Sterling as per the UK rate card. Currency conversion or “overseas transaction” fees may be added by your bank.

All customers are required to have a valid, up-to-date payment method recorded against their account at all times. Not having a valid payment method will result in some functionality being temporarily restricted.