28 November 2021

The fitness guru is dead... Long live the fitness guru!

There is a "changing of the guard" taking place within the fitness industry.

Within the last 12-months, a number of high profile names have either retired or left the fitness industry.

Amongst the retirees was Thomas Plummer, arguably the 'father' of small group personal training and a mentor to thousands of gym owners around the world.

Others have left the industry to follow other pursuits, some worn-down by the struggle to stay relevant in a challenging environment.

Stepping into line are "the new guard", which includes some inspiring new leaders, including our friends at The PFCA.

But, alas, as often happens when a perceived vacancy opens - not all those stepping into the frame are equal, and not all are qualified to guide others.

SGPT Infinity from Quoox has been created to provide a solid, reliable framework upon which small group training gym operators can run their facility; grow their bottom line; and increase their profitability.

Our team of advisors are each specialists in their respective fields. We believe that no one individually can truly be an expert at every discipline, and it is our ethos to provide our clients with the highest quality of advice via weekly/monthly calls.

Our product delivers everything you need to operate your training gym effectively & profitably. Included is personalised mentorship; all of the resources you need from lead attraction through to member retention; and all delivered via the Quoox GMS system.

With new resources delivered "ready to use" with your members every month, SGPT Infinity has been designed to lift the weight of gym management from your shoulders.

Find out more about our products for SGPT gyms

Written by Chris Windram.


Quoox provides the system, resources, and practical advice & support that gym owners need to operate a profitable, "high ticket" membership, small-group training gym. Discover the ultimate "SGPT toolkit".
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