2 March 2022

Prevent wellness just being a box ticking exercise

As the owner of a modern, small group personal training gym your members expect you to deliver far more than just effective, high-quality training.

You are expected to be a nutritionist; mental heath specialist; acupuncturist; physiotherapist; psychotherapist; and an all-round mensch. And that's all before 10am.

That's one heck of a job description, especially for what is typically a small team.

A natural instinct is to fall into the mindset of simply "box ticking" and this is something that "industry gurus" often lead us into. The "get that out the way and then you can return to your 'happy place'" type mentality.

One such example is nutrition. Without doubt, Ru Anderson (Exceed Nutrition) provides some great quality recipe packs and nutrition plans, but rarely are they used with consideration.

Many of us will email-out a 60Mb+ PDF file to our members. Job done, right? Well, totally bemused by what they have been sent, few will download it. Even fewer will then actually be bothered to read it. Maybe a couple, if you're lucky, will have a crack at a recipe or two. But, hey, the "nutrition box" can now be ticked. Phew!

This approach is a real opportunity missed, and results in little perceived value-add by your members.

The value perceived by your members for different delivery approaches is summarised:

Approach 1
Send recipes en-masse
as one "bulk info drop"
Approach 2
Drip release recipes
over a period of time
Approach 3
Drip release recipes, with
a focus on community

There is little doubt that community is one of the key attributes of a successful SGPT facility - especially one that is able to command high-ticket memberships.

But how do you use recipes to promote community, and how do you practically stay on top of 'drip-feeding' recipes to members who may all be in different times in their membership cycle?

This is where having the right tool for the job is critical. Moreover, being provided the branded content delivered in a "ready-to-go" format is invaluable.

Few gym owners have time to sit branding hefty Powerpoint presentations (assuming you even have Powerpoint), setting up engaging nurture sequences, building feedback loops, and putting automated satisfaction workflows in place.

So, how do you deliver a true quality service to your members without blowing your staffing budget sky high?

SGPT Infinity, part of Quoox Alchemy, is designed to provide you a complete, "table-ready" set of branded resources & delivery workflows to delight & engage your members, providing them with a quality of service that keeps them renewing year after year.


Nutrition is just the tiniest tip of a very large iceberg, used by way of an example of one of the most frequent opportunities missed by SGPT gym owners.

SGPT Infinity brings together decades of experience in operating successful training facilities, alongside world-class systems and workflows designed specifically for the boutique fitness market.

Community and a dedication to a consistently high-level of service sits at the very core of all of the Alchemy products.

At Quoox we operate as an extension of your team, providing you the resources and services you need to run your training gym successfully and, above all, profitably. This is backed by our weekly & monthly account manager calls; sales training; fitness facility coaching; and business master classes.

Gemma Taylor - PowerBurn
"It’s like having another employee on the team. Quoox really do understand our business top-to-bottom."


Owner, PowerBurn

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Written by Chris Windram.


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