1 May 2022

A simple subscription agreement in plain English

The fitness industry is one with a terrible reputation when it comes to the complexity of membership agreements. The software industry is equally poor, with Apple & Google's contracts famously spanning hundreds of pages.
An onerous subscription agreement

When we first launched Quoox, our lawyers amassed a subscription agreement that came to over 35-pages.  This then grew further every few months as we added more-and-more features to our product, and services to our company portfolio.

Whilst our agreement was still 'a mere pamphlet' compared to some comparable products out there, we realised that this approach was contrary to some of our company's fundamental ethics.  We work in partnership with our clients, in a position of mutual trust - helping them manage & grow their gym businesses, whilst they understand that we will operate with integrity and with their interests in mind.

Our new agreement is just 4-pages, in a large typeface, and posed as a number of questions & answers - as opposed to complex terms & clauses.

Furthermore, our agreement has been reviewed, edited, and approved by the Plain English campaign, with them issuing our agreement their Crystal Mark of clarity.

Plain English Crystal Mark

Having received positive feedback about our approach, we then decided to take this a step further...

Our SGPT Infinity subscription includes our Crystal Marked, boilerplate gym membership agreement, which we have written specifically for small group training gyms.  We appreciate that many facilities need to include extra elements within their agreements, so we include edits and additions of up to 250-words, which is then approved and issued a Crystal Mark by the Plain English campaign.

This is a great asset to your business, emphasising to your members that you truly are different from the chain gyms - and that you really do operate with integrity and their best interests in mind.

Learn more about SGPT Infinity
Written by Chris Windram.


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