23 May 2022

Who do you think you are talking to?

WANTED: 10 MEN to join our successful program!


  • You want to lose up to 5kg of body fat in just 6-weeks
  • You're keen to get back in shape for the summer
  • You live or work near smallsville, and can train at our gym 2-3 times a week
  • You like to train in a friendly, supportive environment, and are a strong team player
  • You aren't afraid of commitment and will attend the full 6-weeks for impressive results
  • You want to get in shape without feeling like you're in a military regime
  • You're fed up with lack of progress and want to see results
  • You want to follow a program that is proven to get results

Sign-up in the next 5 hrs 59 mins and 45 seconds and pay just £499 £99

I'm sure that we've all seen this sort of advert?
I bet most of us have even used that style of advert in the past, and maybe still are.

Based upon sound and proven human psychology, it brings results.
When matched with an appropriate Meta campaign, it can bring lots of them!

This type of campaign is very successful for a certain demographic of person.

But, are they your demographic of person? Ask yourselves, how much time do you excerpt chasing & speaking to these people on the phone? How many of them actually turn up to your facility? How many of them sign up for your program? How many of them stay on once they have completed the trial? How many are still with you after 1-year? What do you do when responses drop-off after 3-months?

Whilst seemingly very successful, this sort of advert is often a numbers game. You are hurling objects at the wall in the vague hope that something will stick. But we've all done it!

We operate in an industry where it is ingrained into us that we need to keep bringing in new leads. We are taught that it is our lifeblood.  It's in our DNA. But, in a thirst for new members, common sense often takes a seat on a shelf.

What is the average lifetime value of a member at your gym?  Why are you continuously bringing in high-volumes of low-yield members, which you then struggle to retain?

The typical marketing agency spiel is that "they're doing their job" and that they're "providing the leads", but "there must be something wrong at your end". For a timely commitment of a few more thousand, some might even offer to help you with that.

Talk to your target audience

To operate a profitable small group training gym, you want to be targeting higher-yield professionals with expendable income, who are prepared to invest in their health & wellbeing.

Chances are that this target demographic is in at their mid-30's, probably older.

They hold down demanding (often stressful) jobs.

They are probably already struggling with the work-life balance, juggling work alongside a family & children.

Their entire mindset is built around considered, evaluated decisions.

They are unlikely to make knee-jerk decisions, and they certainly won't be of the mindset for entertaining hard-sells or blatant sales gimmicks.

If you are not "speaking to" your target audience in the right way, there is little chance that you will attract the calibre of member that you are seeking for your gym.


Your ad campaigns need to resonate with the type of people you are trying to attract. Chances are that they seldom frequent Facebook, so why are you looking for them there?


The higher-yield member is looking for a facility & community where they feel comfortable, and to which they can commit for the long term. Take your time, and show them you are it.


We often focus the most on our members during their induction, and then they are left to fend for themselves. Make sure you spend as much effort on retention as you do attraction.
The phrase "dress for the job you want, not the job you have" is well known.

The same applies when presenting your gym to the type of clientele you seek.

Operating a high-yield SGPT facility requires dedication, the right mindset, and an unyielding focus towards delivering the very highest standards of service.
Dedicated to supporting high-value, high-service personal training gyms, Quoox sits at the very core of profitable SGPT fitness facilities in the U.K., U.S., and Ireland.
Written by Chris Windram.


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