Retain your members with Quoox

Keeping your members happy and renewing is critical to your business.

Quoox has more member retention and member engagement tools than any other fitness management software on the market.

Member Retention - Customer Service

Customer Service

Fitness business success is all about member retention. Discover how Quoox keeps your members renewing.

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Online Fitness Solutions

With Quoox you can give your members more, take your gym or fitness studio online with virtual, on-demand and live-streaming video.

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Deliver online video sessions
Member Retention - Building your Community

Building your Community

Friends training together establishes a sense of community, and keeps them renewing. Quoox helps your members become friends.

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XRcize On-Demand Training

Fusion gyms are here to stay. Quoox‘s XRcize provides you with integral online training functionality, and changes the online game.

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Deliver in-person and virtual workouts
myzone logo

Deep Integration with Myzone

Your facility uses Myzone to deliver an enhanced member experience. Quoox takes this even further…

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24x7 Insights with Fitbit

Fitbit tracker integration with Quoox Insights™ enables you to engage with your members, even when away from your facility.

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quoox integration with fitbit trackers
Member Retention - Family Memberships

Family Memberships

Training as a family is awesome! With Quoox, your family management software will be as well.

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Curb Member Drop-Off

If a member has not been active for a while, they are more likely to cancel their membership.

Quoox includes a number of tools that make it easy to identify, address and reverse member drop-off.

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Quoox is the next-generation fitness management software.

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    Product Features

    Check out some of our core features, all included in your monthly subscription.

    Billing and Invoicing  
       Payment by debit/credit card  
       Payment by direct debit  
       Offline payments  
       Multiple cards per member  
       Payout tracking and alerts for card and direct debit payments  
       Customer branded  
       Staff noticeboard  
       Real-time employee chat  
       Member drop-off alerts  
       To-do tasks and employee assignments  
       At-a-glance statistics  
       Member birthdays  
       Quick links  
    Session/Class/Course Administration  
       Flexible classifications  
       Promotional images and narrative  
       Member eligibility  
       Comprehensive scheduling  
       Multi-recurrence scheduling  
       Integration with Zoom, WebEx, YouTube and more  
       Seamless integration with MZ-Remote  
       Multiple schedules  
       Advanced scheduling (E.g. "last Friday of each 3rd month")  
       Automated session reminders  
       Smart "social hours" reminder rules  
       Privacy and generation rule options  
       Social Media share functions  
       Closure days  
    Built-in Campaign and Lead Functionality  
       Pre-written campaigns for rapid deployment  
       Custom campaigns  
       Fully bespoke HTML campaigns  
       Single click posting to social media  
       Automated lead nurturing  
       Full lead management and tracking  
       Integrated lead communications  
       Custom sign-up questions  
       Automated wait lists  
       Chargeable trial sessions with online payment  
       Sell memberships to new and existing members, no touch  
       One-click convert lead to member  
       Full audit trail of lead activity  
    Forms and Questionnaires, with intelligent alerting  
    Online Training  
       Multi-level all-in-one training sessions  
       Exercises Library  
       Session builder, including complex supersets  
       Program builder  
       Sell no-touch online training programs  
       Automated support & accountability reach-outs (SMS and email)  
       Full progress tracking  
       Fitness device integration  
       Integrated member feedback  
       1-1 Training  
       Group Training  
       Custom Exercises  
    Credit Packs  
       Multiple credit pack options  
       Pay-as-you-go or membership options  
       Flexible start dates  
       Flexible end dates  
       Assign session and venue eligibility  
    Membership Plans  
       Multiple membership plans  
       Unlimited 'VIP' plans  
       Trial memberships  
       Private memberships  
       Per customer limits  
       Flexible commencement periods  
       Multiple payment plans with auto-renewal  
       Full 2-way communication via email  
       Full 2-way communication via SMS (*charged at cost)  
       All communications stored against member  
       Multiple email addresses and SMS numbers per member  
       Branded communications (your logo etc.)  
       Your own dedicated email address and SMS number  
    Online and Mobile Bookings  
       Multiple booking methods and payment options  
       iOS app  
       Android app  
       Custom in-app branding  
       Member/client injury and reliability issues clearly flagged  
       Auto-strike rules for unreliability  
       Auto-book slots for VIP members  
       Roll-call functions, with on-floor issue advisor  
       Flexible booking rules  
       Guest attendees  
    Member Management  
       Comprehensive member activity and profiling  
       Next-generation effective member nurturing programs  
       Member photos/avatars with nicknames  
       Fast, intuitive member searching  
       Configurable member groups  
       Family groups (incl. parental payment/comms)  
       Buddies (book & train with your friends)  
       Member reliablity metrics, with member feedback  
       Detailed member profiling  
       Full notes; documents; and incident logging  
       Share documents with members via app  
       Categorise documents  
       Custom forms (E.g. onboarding)  
       Generate branded member documents (E.g. diet plans)  
       Detailed membership and credit history/usage  
       View all communications to/from the member  
       Point-and-click injury recording, with trainer alerts  
       Record weight; body fat; BMI  
       Record personal achievements & PB's, including belts etc.  
       BodyHop body progress montages  
       Fitness tracker integration  
       Full transaction logging  
       A store tab/slate, for trusted members  
       Dynamic session booking calendar feed for each member  
    Employee management  
       Assign employees and managers  
       Record notes and documents against employees  
       Generate contracts etc. within Quoox  
       Record roles & remuneration, including multiple roles  
       Track employee shifts  
       Record and review timesheets  
       Record holidays and absences, linked to shift management, timesheets & payroll  
       Set employees to-do tasks, and track their completion  
    Shift Management  
       See shifts vs sessions at a glance  
       System alerting for open shifts  
       Unallocated session alerts  
       Shift conflict notifications  
       Configure shift patterns  
       Publish/unpublish shifts  
       Quick and easy shift creation  
       Shift filtering options  
       Alert employees of their shifts via the mobile app  
       Dynamic shift calendar feed for each employee  
       Manual or automated timesheets  
       Employees can clock-in/out via the app  
       GPS location validation at clock-in/out  
       Ad-hoc shifts supported  
       Timesheet validation with easy exception alerting  
       Generate payroll data for export to your payroll system  
    Incident Logging  
       Record incidents against members  
       Record generic incidents  
       Incident log reporting  
    File Store  
       Store your business files within Quoox  
       Easy access for all employees  
       Private files  
    Fully branded collateral  
    Scheduled broadcasts  
       SMS and/or Email broadcasts  
    Website integration  
    Marketing integrations  
    Point of Sale  
       Inventory management  
       Member tabs/slates  
       Tax accounting guideline compliant  
    Member Check-in  
       Self-service check in Kiosk  
       On-floor roll-call and issue alerting  
    Multi-venue support